Scandal Stirs Legal Questions in Anti-Gay Cases

Perhaps George Rekers should be charged with perjury and every case decide based on his testamony over turned and forced to undergo re-argument.

Prop 8 in California should be voided based on this lying sack of shit’s involvement in the arguments presented.

Indeed this vile closet case should never again be accorded the smallest measure of credibility and ever word emerging from his mouth or pen should be assumed to be a lie.

From the New York Times


For years, George A. Rekers has held himself out as an expert witness in court on homosexuality, arguing in cases concerning same-sex marriage and gay adoption that gay men and lesbians lead parlous lives and raise troubled children.

Now Dr. Rekers himself is under fire, raising new legal questions about his courtroom role.

The Miami New Times, an alternative newspaper, revealed this month that Dr. Rekers took a 10-day trip to Europe with a male prostitute whom he apparently had met through a Web site,

News coverage has focused largely on his seeming hypocrisy, given that Dr. Rekers, a clinical psychologist and ordained Baptist minister, has written that “leaders of the homosexual revolt” use “manipulative techniques of classic revolutionary strategies” to keep homosexuals from trying to change their orientation.

But legal experts say the scandal may affect more than Dr. Rekers’s reputation. They say it places obligations on those who have relied on Dr. Rekers to inform the court in at least one continuing case to modify or withdraw their arguments.

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‘Family values’ congressman says he’ll resign over affair

One more example of how the word “Family” should be read as “Fascist” when used by the ultra right wing scum who have destroyed the country

What a bunch of lying filthy hypocrites.

From Raw Story

By Raw Story
Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 — 10:54 am

Update: Souder made abstinence video with his mistress

Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire blog notes, “This is priceless: Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) — who just resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair with a staffer — recorded a video with the same woman praising abstinence education, according to TPM.”

At TPM, Justin Elliott reports that part-time staffer Tracy “Jackson played the role of interviewer for a Souder Web video show on the issues of the day — including one on the value of abstinence.”

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Bill O’Reilly compares transgendered people to Ewoks

Like Bill O”Reilly’s opinion counts for anything other than that of a highly paid lying bigot.  I get so tired of these professional scum sucking bottom feeders like Beck, Bill Orally and Rush Limpdick peddling their hatred on the air waves.

They are definitely un-American scum that make this nation a far worse place than it could be for every one who lives here.

From Raw Story

By David Edwards
Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 — 8:40 am

The controversial conservative talk show host Bill O’Reilly is at it again.

Speaking Tuesday night on The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly likened transgendered people to Ewoks.

O’Reilly was speaking about a policy change made by Pittsburgh-based American Eagle Outfitters, which agreed to revise language in their employee handbook barring men from wearing women’s clothing and vice versa after a lawsuit filed by transgendered staffers.

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Fuck these bastards.  You know they are just using transgenders as the new scapegoats.  These Nazi yahoos just do the bidding of their ultra right wing pimps who pay them the big bucks to spew their filth.

You will never ever hear one of these lying scum actually come out in support of any sort of actual “worker’s rights”.  Be it health care, living wage, paid vacation time or sick days with pay.  Have you ever heard one of these Nazi shills say one positive thing about unions or one negative about the corporations that out source?

Not a chance.  These rip off artist like Beck will just sell those stupid enough to believe in them gold at rip off prices.