Hawaii governor says bill’s civil unions may be same-sex marriage

I have always viewed the argument that gays and lesbians should settle for the “separate but equal” arrangement called civil unions as a bigot generated lie.

On every single level domestic partner and civil union proposals have always been “separate and unequal”.  As though we should accept the heterosexist assumption of straight superiority when the only superiority of straights has been manufactured and exerted by institutional force.

Such is the lie that is always privy to privilege.  The not so secret truth of naked power, the power to oppress and define as lesser.

I am particularly disgusted when I see so many of the “classic transsexuals” abusing their assumption of that privilege that they attained by pass and being straight after surgery.  One would expect at least a hint of noblesse oblige.  But like George Rekers they use their closet and fortify it with the attacks upon the equality of LGBT/T people.

Perhaps we need a transsexual/transgender version of Mike Rogers to expose these closet cases who harm others while hiding the fact they are the same as the people whose rights they are attacking.

But at any rate the lie of: “LGBT/T people should settle for civil unions, which we will cheerfully grant them.  The civil unions will have all the rights of marriage they just won’t be called marriage.” has been exposed.

The Republi-Nazi governor of Hawaii has the opportunity to sign a bill that does just that.  And here is what she says:

Lingle sees similarities to same-sex marriage, ‘good points’ on both sides

By Derrick DePledge
Advertiser Government Writer

Gov. Linda Lingle said yesterday that she has not made up her mind on civil unions but described the bill passed by the state Legislature as the equivalent of same-sex marriage.

Her description is identical to complaints from religious conservatives who oppose civil unions and to a resolution approved yesterday by state Republicans who want her to veto the bill.

Continue reading at:  http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/20100516/NEWS01/5160367/Hawaii+governor+says+bill+s+civil+unions+may+be+same-sex+marriage

The point is that the Republi-Nazis are looking at even this pig’s ear as a reason to go out and demand an un-American amendment to their constitution that declares a certain class of citizens inherently undeserving of equality in clear violation of the 14th amendment to the US Constitution.

But then the Republi-Nazis have always looked at the Constitution as a menu one can pick and choose from.

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