A Neat Free Resource for Autodidacts

I recently built my honey and me new computers. When I build computers I go for as powerful as I can at a price that is within reason because that way they tend to stay workable with contemporary software for 5-6 or more years. (While that wasn’t the case in the 90s, the rapid change has slowed a bit.)

Prior to bringing up our new machines we had come across Amazon’s Kindle for PCs. It is a free down load. What is not so free are the many if not most of the newly published books.

We basically live in a library with book cases filled with accumulated books both new and used, fiction and non-fiction.

Well Kindle along with the Gutenberg Project have made available huge numbers of books that are no longer in copyright. These are books one may download or read for free on line.

Amazon’s Kindle Reader for your PC or Mac lets you do the same thing with many books they also make available for free.

By The Way…

There is a new translation of Simone de Beauvoir’s work “The Second Sex” that restores it to its full length. (The H. M. Parshley translation has been subjected to many criticisms over the years) The new translation is supposedly closer to intent of de Beauvoir’s language as it is a collaboration that brings a knowledge of both French philosophy and feminism to the project.


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