The ENDA Hysteria

I have been watching the transgender activist panic regarding ENDA.

Many seem concerned with the current language not being specific enough even though it is modeled on the same sort of generalized language that many other non-discrimination and hate crimes laws that we as LGBT/T people have successfully managed to get enacted in the past.

Because your favorite term isn’t used doesn’t mean the general terms gender identity and gender expression real or perceived do not cover you.

As for other objections to things like consistency of appearance and congruity of appearance.  People have to distinguish between work and play.  Workers have a lot less freedom than they used to.  Particularly in certain businesses where conformity to dress codes is the rule.  Other jobs not so much.  Look at how the other workers at a business are required to dress.  Baristas and hair dressers as well as people in creative fields have more freedom of dress than workers in retail or offices.

The right wing is obsessed with the bathroom.  They have dirty minds and have used the specter of “uni-sex bathrooms for every misogynistic anti-LGBT/T argument since they managed to kill the Equal Rights Amendment.

Many work places have unisex single toilet restrooms in remote parts of the job sites for all employees.  You go there and take your chances of getting to use it during your break period.

Getting the damned bill passed is the important thing at this point.  Beyond this bill are all sorts of workers rights issues.

The Democrats are not our enemies in the same way the Republicans are.  Some are silent and a few are just as bigoted as their neighbors across the aisle but the Democratic Party hasn’t made persecuting LGBT/T people a plank in its party’s platform the way the Republicans have.

Democrats have had a hard time over-coming opposition to bills that would benefit all Americans, like the Health Care Reform Bill and Bank/Wall Street Regulation.  We refuse to sign the damned Kyoto Accords or for that matter ban the use of landmines.  Who the fuck knew that devices that kill and maim years after the end of a conflict had a constituency that would get up in arms over their banning?

We have to keep pressing on this until we get it passed not deteriorate into the usual cluster fuck of horizontal hostility and in fighting.

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