The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity, 1919-1945, by Richard Steigman

Book Review:

A popular belief is that Nazism was the polar opposite of Christianity: in Germany, the Nazis planned to eliminate Christian churches while devout Christians opposed the Nazi agenda. Is this perception accurate? No. Some Nazis were anti-Christian and some Christians were anti-Nazi, but the majority were equally at home in both camps.

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The real kicker is the closing paragraph of the review.  I am considered over the top for seeing a connection between the extreme religion based conservatism of today that denies women control over their own bodies as well as the racism and the heterosexism that denies LGBT/T folks equality and Nazism.  Yet just as liberals have always been linked to communism and socialism conservatives deserve linking to fascism and Nazism.

Indeed the ugliness of the conservative base has shown itself since the election of Obama.

The closing paragraph:

Germany after World War I was regarded as a godless, secular, materialistic republic which had betrayed all of Germany’s traditional morals, values, and religious beliefs. An important aspect of the Nazis’ appeal to the great mass of religiously conservative Germans was the fact that they said all the right things about the evils of atheism, materialism, greed, corruption, law and order, communism, and religious values.

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