Why Should We Be Nice To George Rekers?

I read the following over on Bilrico:

The Outing of Anti-Gay George Rekers: A Discussion on Celebration vs Compassion

Filed by: Waymon Hudson

May 5, 2010 3:00 PM

A question was recently posed to me that has me thinking about the recent news of virulently anti-gay Family Research Council co-founder (and confidant of James Dobson) George Rekers’ outing after being discovered hiring a 20 year old male prostitute off RentBoys.com to “carry his luggage.”

The question is this: should we temper our rightful message of glee over the damaging hypocrisy of Rekers with a message of compassion for someone who is obviously wrestling with internalized homophobia and self-hatred, something that is a huge problem in our community?

I’m not speaking of compassion for the man himself, but for the situation that LGBT people find themselves in even today- where religion and self-hatred warp their sense of self and cause deep emotional pain and rejection of their true selves. Is there a larger lesson, a teachable moment, in using Rekers himself as an example of the damage that anti-gay activism does to people?

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Why should we be nice to this man?  He is not only a cocksucker but a Nazi who has devoted his life to abusing LGBT/T people.  Being discovered and outed as gay doesn’t suddenly make him “family”.  It makes him a weapon to be used to expose the hypocrisy of the “religious” right.

Waymon Hudson is just plain wrong on this.  I get tired of the idea that we should out nice the Nazis.  We are a priori nicer than they are and they abuse us regularly for that niceness. We aren’t even supposed to indulge in schadenfreude when one of our mortal enemies gets caught and exposed as being a closet queer.

I’m and atheist and an anarchist.  I don’t turn the other cheek to abusers, I fight back.

My big question of the day is, “What is the real nature of the relationship between George Rekers and James Dobson?”

In the mean time I actually have one of Rekers’ pathetic scribblings.  If anything it shows that “gender” is an obsession with not only transgender nation but with the Christo-fascists who think homosexuality can be cured.

Further I do not think we should ever be nice to those who would put us in box cars and send us off to the camps for genocide.  They truly are Nazis.

I find it interesting how quickly his buddies on the right purged him, erasing all traces of his pathetic existence from their web cites.

However the evil men do lives after them…