Let’s Name The Gulf Oil Spill “The Sarah Palin Oil Disaster”

Now I can just hear some people say, “That’s just unfair to Caribou Barbie aka Sarah Palin, drilling for oil any where and every where is just good energy policy?

I say, “How’s that drilly-spilly thing working out for ya?”  Wink Wink…  Ya betcha.

Just try putting some hockey mom lipstick on this pig.

Actually in the name of smaller government and all as well as free market capitalism I think British Petroleum should be out there cleaning up every single drop of their spill on their dime or Euro or what ever they trade in.  Perhaps it is time for some CEOs to experience life in the working class getting up close and personal cleaning their oil off of a bunch of sea birds, beaches and wet lands.

Maybe their share holders would like to actually earn the money they make on their investments by undoing the damage they did.

Maybe just maybe everyone involved with British Petroleum should be forced to pay for the clean up and damages.

Are Prozac and Other Psychiatric Drugs Causing the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America?

One of the things I have been saying about the invention of GID, besides the fact that a large number of the people behind its invention seem more religion based than science based as well as seeming to belong to the same crew that refused to accept that homosexuality is not a mental illness, is that there are way too many psychiatric professionals all trying to earn a living.  They have a vested interest in inventing mental illnesses.

By Bruce E. Levine, AlterNet
Posted on April 28, 2010, Printed on April 29, 2010

In 1987, prior to Prozac hitting the market and the current ubiquitous use of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, the U.S. mental illness disability rate was 1 in every 184 Americans, but by 2007 the mental illness disability rate had more than doubled to 1 in every 76 Americans. Robert Whitaker was curious as to what was causing this dramatic increase in mental illness disability. The answers are in his new book, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America (Crown Publishers, April 2010).

Whitaker’s findings will create a problem for both Big Pharma and establishment psychiatry, but his credentials and his craftsmanship will make it difficult to marginalize him. Whitaker is the author of four books including Mad in America, about the mistreatment of the mentally ill. As a reporter for the Boston Globe, he won a George Polk Award for medical writing, a National Association of Science Writers Award for best magazine article, and was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize.

Bruce Levine: So mental illness disability rates have doubled since 1987 and increased six-fold since 1955. And at the same time, psychiatric drug use greatly increased in the 1950s and 1960s, then skyrocketed after 1988 when Prozac hit the market, so now antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs alone gross more than $25 billion annually in the U.S. But as you know, correlation isn’t causation. What makes you feel that the increase in psychiatric drug use is a big part of the reason for the increase in mental illness?

Continue reading at: http://www.alternet.org/story/146659/are_prozac_and_other_psychiatric_drugs_causing_the_astonishing_rise_of_mental_illness_in_america

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