Friday Night Fun and Culture

We have tickets to see Ramblin’ Jack Elliott in a couple of week.  I confess Not only am I a hippie commie left wing dyke but I’m a folkie from way back.

Not to mention an anarchist and a tree hugging nerd.  Remember, “It’s all Pete Seeger’s fault.”

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  1. edith Says:


    The legendary Bumblin’ Jack Elliot. Didn’t Dave van Ronk get rounded up at Stonewall, Suzy, or were you singin’ the San Francisco Bay Blues by then? There’s a great Youtube video w/ Jack, Pete and Malvina Reynolds from Pete’s t v show. God, whoops, I meant, I don’t know what I meant, but you do get around, don’t you? You should try Pat Sky’s album, “Songs That Made America Famous”.

    I think you might like it. I have read it was so controversial A R records refused to release it. There is even a song about the Pope on it. Here are a couple of verses:

    Giovanni Baptiste Montini
    Who lives in the Vaticanini
    Why, he don’t even need to use soap
    He’s Giovanni Montini, the Pope.

    If atheists tried to attack him
    Why, he don’t even let it distract him
    He just makes a cross on his chest
    Let’s his boss-man take care of the rest

    Child Molesting Blues and Vatican Caskets is on it, too, plus a few more unforgettable numbers.

    Have you ever seen an electric chair custom made for common house flies? Some of us couldn’t go to the Village. We had to wait until the Village came to us. I have been told we each learn at our own pace. Does that sound a little too human/istic for even you? House flies though, if I can lift a screen and brush them away so they can fly off and find a nice fresh pile of dog doo, I usually try to just shoo them out the window. A free fly is a happy fly, I always say. I think every creature should be free to do its own thing.

    • Suzan Says:

      Greenwich Village has long been one of those spiritual homes for me. Like Berkeley and I guess Hollywood too. When I first got caught dressing up as a child way back in 1960 my parents told me I’d wind up living there with the rest of the queers like me.

      After the Cuban Missile Crisis I became a hard core folkie, listening to protest music. Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and Woodie Guthrie.

      Starting in 1966 I went to the Village several times to hang out on weekends. Saw Dave Van Ronk at the Gaslight. By then “hippie” was happening and I was a serious young dope smoking, acid dropping, commie queer. I dug on the Velvet Underground, St Marks Place, the Cafe Wha, the Fugs. Saw the Mothers of Invention at the Wha and Laura Nyro too.

      I went west after the Pentagon Demonstration of 67. Lived in the Haight in 68. Moved to Berkeley in late 68 where I came out in 69.

  2. edith Says:

    I loved Laura Nyro. I still have her first three albums lying around here somewhere. I got the “Bumbling” bit about Elliot from mutual friends of a mutual friend. Some people are able to get close to the source. Some people are full of stories. Most of the time, after you hear those stories, the foggy illusions clear up.
    The clarity can be a lot more incredible than the delusion.

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