Support the Democrat!

M2F transsexual Republican Donna Milo running against Democrat incumbent Wasserman Shultz for Congress… [2010-04-21 NBC Miami]

Transgender Running Against Wasserman Shultz for Congress.

I would never ever vote for a Republi-Nazi

Sisterhood ain’t that freaking powerful.  Not a penny of support, not even a kind or positive word.  In fact I’m considering sending a few bucks to Wasserman Schultz.

4 Responses to “Support the Democrat!”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    She is a republican.

    Republicans are opposed ot her right to exist.

    That is like turkey’s voting for christmas.

    What is wrong with her head?

  2. Emily Says:

    I suppose that we must come from all walks of life, but it is surprising finding a trans person aligning themselves with a party which is so against us.

    I, also, wouldn’t vote for her: An election is about choosing the person with the right policies and her being trans wouldn’t be a reason to vote for her if I disagreed with what she stood for.

  3. tina Says:

    There seem to be quite a few very right wing trans folks. Some claim to be libertarian, others still cling to the ideology and party they supported as guys. I suspect it just might be a way to (sorta’, you betcha) hold on to some of the privilege they had “back when”.

    I find it very strange for these folks to hold to the extreme form of “self reliance” that seems to be all the rage among Republicans these days. It’s almost as if they forget the co-operation from others needed to transform themselves, and their bodies. Perhaps that’s one reason so many seem to adhere to a “female brain”, or “I was always a woman (really)” concept.

    They seem to forget that many of their “conservative” brothers would like nothing more than to rid the world of such as us.

    Perhaps they are still in a position of power, or still rather well-to-do and don’t give a rats ass about any of the “great unwashed”, any who have lost almost everything in their need to transition.

    To be a rabid conservative and trans means you do not give a damn about others, do not understand you actually need the acceptance of society to be able to live a decent life.

    If Republicans and “conservatives” had their way, we would all still be classified as “male”, still have all our “papers” in our old name, and be forced to undergo strange questions every time we used a credit card, cashed a check, or made a deposit.

    The very concept of “stealth” (at any level) would be impossible.

    I suspect many of those still holding to a right-wing ideology think THEY are “far superior” to those “others” out there (wherever “there” is).

    Perhaps that’s one reason I tend to get a wee whiff of “masculinity” when I read their writing — but, then again, it just might be my imagination.

  4. Karen Says:

    I suspect most at enough Enough Nonsense are republicans…

    I think many (but not all) well-off stealth types tend to very conservative… and find validation in being ‘mainstream’.

    I also was very surprised a post-op on a another site whom I’ve seen posting for years was an ardent Tea Party member… What i said about the Tea Party got her very very angry at me and she no longer responds to me.

    Given all most of us have been through i really find those types of attitudes had to swallow, even though I can understand where they might be coming from.

    I’ve been out work for over a year now, and my spouse recently lost her job and we are both in our mid 50’s … now that really affects one’s perspective on government spending!

    – Karen

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