Britain – Number of NHS sex change operations triples… [2010-04-21 The Telegraph]

Wednesday 21 April 2010


Number of NHS sex change operations triples

The number of sex change operations carried out on the NHS has almost tripled in the last eight years.

Since 2000 a total of 853 men have gone under the knife to become women while in the same time span 12 women have had an operation to become a man.

Back in 2000 there were just 54 sex change operations carried out in the country while last year the figure stood at 143.

The average age for a man having a sex change operation is 42 with only one procedure in the last nine years being carried out on somebody under 21.

Only one operation has so far been carried out on a teenager and that was Angel Paris-Jordan, from Cumbria, who was known as Oliver Wheadon, who had the operation just before her 18th birthday in 2002.

However, earlier this year 16-year-old hairdresser Bradley Cooper, of East Yorkshire, announced that he had been approved for sex change surgery and was on the waiting list.

Sex changes on the NHS, which cost around £10,000 each, became a right in 1999 after the Appeal Court recognised that those who believed they were born into the wrong body were suffering from a legitimate illness.

For a man wanting to become a woman, surgery involves the removal of male genitalia and the creation of female genitalia.

For a woman to become a man, the breasts, uterus and ovaries are removed and male genitalia is created.

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6 Responses to “Britain – Number of NHS sex change operations triples… [2010-04-21 The Telegraph]”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Surprised that you let this nonsense pass without a little comment:- “For a man wanting to become a woman, surgery involves the removal of male genitalia and the creation of female genitalia”.

    Would you trust this surgeon?

    • Suzan Says:

      Yeah, because that is what the surgery does It changes a male person to female and female person to male. I don’t buy all the layers upon layers of BS. I also do not believe in female brains that like pink princess shit or male brains that cause dickishness.

      I think most the intersex stuff is fantasy particularly coming from middle age is wishful thinking on the part of people who can’t accept that they are just transsexual.

  2. Willow Arune Says:

    “Just transsexual”? Nay! Transsexual and damn proud of it.
    Why find excuses for something so wonderful?

  3. Hypatia Says:

    “I think most the intersex stuff is fantasy particularly coming from middle age is wishful thinking on the part of people who can’t accept that they are just transsexual.”

    Thank you. I swear sometimes it’s like I’m the only honest transsexual around while everybody-and-her-sister are claiming “intersex.” Color me very skeptical.

    Women have told me that they had been born with female genitalia (in addition to the male stuff) and that they were “sewn up” by the doctor soon after birth. Claimed as evidence for that is the dark line along the midline called the raphe that appears when taking hormones. No, ladies. There never was an opening there, until you had one made by SRS.

    I’m guessing it’s more like the estrogen makes your body “know” that a vaginal opening belongs there, and it outlines where it’s going to go. This reminds me of nothing so much as the doors of Moria in the Fellowship of the Ring, where no opening had been visible at first, and then when the magic spell is recited, a line appears down the middle outlining where the doors are going to split open… and then they do.

    Anyway, yeah, enough with the “intersex” jive. Just be who you are, for real. Ooo but do the intersex-claimers ever get pissed off when you voice your skepticism. They take it very personally. For those who are genuinely intersex, don’t blame me for being skeptical, blame all the wannabes, the counterfeiters who debase your currency.

    • Suzan Says:

      Thank you,

      I don’t believe in male brains/female brains although I do believe the processing and production of hormone, how the body handles them etc play a big part.

      As has been pointed out using the official criteria there would be a lot more females coming out of any infant surgery program than males.

      And yeah… I never got what the big deal about not being transsexual was. I can see how life after can make it a matter of ancient history rather than immediate being but for me transsexualism serves as a perfectly good reason for my having had a sex change operation.

      I don’t need a whole lot of justification beyond that. Being sister to a lot of other transsexuals is interesting in the same way that membership in any extended dysfunctional family is.

  4. Ishtar Says:

    Hi Suzy

    What worries me is how much access newspapers like the Telegraph have to patient identifiable information. And how that information is being presented to attack transsexual folks in some subtle way. On the intersex thing, in the UK people are better off hiding such a diagnosis if rejecting the legally assigned sex at birth, simply because such a diagnosis often works against you. This is what a lot of those who say that they are intersex and like to beat up on transsexual folks fail to understand. They run the risk of being legally more strongly “defined” as the sex they rejected.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, to those who claim intersex, I don’t see why people should be made to feel ashamed of being transsexual, which is what this is really about, a bunch of fatalistic idiots telling people that after they have gone to all the trouble to be the sex they can best survive as that they “Are not and should feel bad about it”. Why? no one can help being born the wrong sex any more than they can help being born intersex. That is something people often fail to grasp, if someone is born the wrong sex and cannot live with it, how does that make it a “Lifestyle choice” or “Less than another situation”. It doesn’t It is just a fact of life some are born into the wrong sex and need to change that.

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