America is not a Christian Theocracy

From God is for Suckers

20 April 2010


Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law. -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

Many, if not most Christian Republicans don’t want the government and their tax money used to help the general public with things like health care and other social programs. They claim to want as little government interference as possible, but they hypocritically and constantly push for “faith based” programs which promote their own version of god delusions onto the general population. They have gotten their way with interjecting “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance long after it was written, and the placement of “in God We Trust” on our country’s currency. We are forced to swear in court on their mythology book, to say it when taking the oath for public office and when joining the military (unless we make a fuss about it, which can have negative outcomes when we do). In many places their Ten Commandments from their book of woo is on display in government buildings and even schools (until someone makes an issue of it). They want to force our children to pray along with them in public schools, even though they are free to pray to themselves any time they want without bothering anyone else. They feel the need to drag everyone forcefully into their “faith”.

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One Response to “America is not a Christian Theocracy”

  1. Willow Arune Says:

    The fellow in charge of Bush’s faith based programs wrote a book which told of how the staffers mocked the religious types when they appeared at the White House. A facade, a program that lacked any real money and was a sop to teh religious right.
    Hinging foreign aid to no birth control and abortions is insane given th state of most countries i the world.
    As to religion, I have to not that various religions, including Mormonism, not praise the “faith of the fathers” while most were Deists. They may have believed in a god, but not in any form of god that religions espoused. Madison wrote of no religions (letter regarding Barbary Pirates) and so too Jefferson many times.
    An early spring here with all things blooming, meaning more work in the garden while our renovation had a final push towards completion. All bedrooms now Wedgwood blue with white crown moldings, floorboards and other trim with new laminate flooring. I must have moved our furniture a thousand times. We have been at 70 degrees for the past several weeks – wow!!! Three areas of the world benefit from global warming with longer growing seasons – northern Russia, Norway and right here in Canada. Of course, nothing is said of fighting off the hungry hordes as our food supply increases…

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