Securing Fair Access to Credit for All

From the National Center for Transgender Equality

This week the Senate is gearing up to tackle legislation that would seek to protect consumers from the bad financial practices of recent years–from hidden fees and outrageous penalties to risky loans and securities that undermine the financial system. It’s a fitting moment for the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) to throw its support behind one consumer protection that isn’t in the House or Senate financial reform packages – prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation in credit and lending.

CUNA, which represents 90% of the nation’s credit unions, announced its support this week for the Israel-Frank Freedom from Discrimination in Credit Act (H.R.4376), a 2-page bill that would add these categories to existing federal protections based on race, sex, religion, national origin, marital status and age.

CUNA isn’t waiting for the bill to pass; it’s also making nondiscrimination against LGBT consumers part of its organizational policy. We applaud CUNA for recognizing that no one should be denied a loan because a bank officer thinks they don’t look sufficiently “masculine” or “feminine,” or because a credit card company thinks being transgender means you’re an unreliable borrower. Transgender people, like everyone else, should have access to credit and lending on fair terms, based on objective financial qualifications, not prejudice or stereotypes.  We hope CUNA’s leadership will help advance this common-sense legislation.

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“It Ain’t Rocket Surgery!”*

Sometimes we need to apply Occam’s Razor and slash through the piles and piles of complexity.

The simple truth that many try to avoid is that transsexuals change their sex or at least as many of those physical characteristics that classify one as a member of one sex or the other as it is possible for them to change. Everything else is supposition.

There are some simple other basic realities.  One of which is that there is no certain, for sure, answer as to why people with transsexualism want to change their sex.  There is no carved in stone etiology although there are what appear to be common narratives that tend to fall in a couple of general categories.

In the struggle to find that carved in stone answer we tend to get into these huge sectarian fights over minutia that are really pretty meaningless in the overall scheme of things.

This often means we neglect to ask the really important questions.  Like:  Why does it really matter why we are transsexual or transgender? Why does it matter if one is lesbian, bisexual, straight or gay?  These are just forms of being that are common enough to be considered just something people are.

When male infants and small children adhere to the masculinity or female infants and small children adhere to the femininity we indoctrinate them to believe is vital to their being it is assumed that they are normal.  When these same children show a preference for things and behavior expected of the other sex we consider them abnormal.  In reality these different kids may be normal for what they were born.

Women born transsexual has had people try to use it as a separatist club.  It has had people make all sorts of claims about it but back when Tina and I coined it we meant it in part to be a simple statement of transsexual being something we were born. Being transsexual or transgender (or LGB for that matter) is intrinsic to our being.

Perhaps the question should be:  Who would choose at such a young age to be something that is the focus of so much abuse, discrimination and scapegoating?  The big three of the desert based mythologies declare LGBT/T people to be abominations and suggest that murdering us is an appropriate reaction to our being different.

Transsexuals and transgenders wound up aligning politically with the LGB movements in part because of facing common oppressors and the same type rationales for that oppression.

Over the last year or so I have found it increasingly hard to fathom the embrace by so many of the “I’m really intersex” line, particularly by those who fathered children.  My inclination is to say, “So what?”  Too much published by those making up the self identified intersex movement comes off as crazier than what one finds in the TS/TG groups.  A combination of baring stigmata and sharing of stories of one’s having been abducted by space aliens.  You are different and oppressed.  So what?  In many cultures until relatively recently actual intersex kids were abandoned on hillsides at birth.

Trading one form of oppression for another is of questionable value for anything other than possibly claiming innocence and distancing oneself from those evil transsexuals and transgenders. You know, the ones who aren’t so ashamed of what they are that they too make up improbable intersex conditions.

For what it is worth I have noticed that many of those who most proudly proclaim their intersex conditions often have excuses for not getting the same treatments transsexuals and transgenders get to make themselves more comfortable within their bodies.

Perhaps they are convinced that in a John Galt sort of way they as an individual can avoid the hatred and discrimination that falls on transsexual and transgender people, especially those in the lumpen prole class who are all too often employed in the sex industry.

It is true that many if not most people born with transsexualism, homosexuality, transgenderism and the like think science is our friend.  Science provides us with plausible answers as to why we are different from the cis-sexual/gendered, answers that do not stigmatize us as evil.

Some of us even think that embracing sickness models such as GID or AGP/AP is preferable to being “evil”.  This isn’t a liberating line of thought but is rather straight out of the 1950s gay as mental illness model that was embraced by gays and lesbians of that era.

I see a lot of magical thinking in the idea that if science were to conclusively prove innateness that some how that proof would end all the abuse and discrimination we suffer.

Racism and misogyny demonstrate the fallacy of that line of thought.

Likewise we live in a world where more people probably believe in astrology than astronomy.  Where people believe some sort of magical invisible sky daddy created the whole universe rather than the Big Bang.

Were researchers to discover a specific genetic string that cause transsexualism or transgenderism etc there would always be a Caribou Barbie, (Sarah Palin) to wave an M16 as we were loaded into the box cars asking us, “How’s that sciency thing working out for ya?”

Bigotry is rift among the researchers studying us.  Have you ever noticed how it is always “male to female” transsexuals who are stigmatized by this crew of psychiatric professionals?  How much of that is science and how much of it is castration anxiety on the part of male psych theorists cringing at the very thought that we seek out surgery that castrates us and removes the penis in the process of creating our vagina.

Indeed I think the whole root of questioning the motivations behind mate to female transsexualism is predicated upon male supremacy and wondering why one would trade that male supremacy for membership in the class, female, which is considered the lesser sex.

Perhaps the simple answer that we were born this way is unsatisfactory for those looking for the complex answer that satisfies all sorts of questions about sex, gender and identity but it should be enough for us.  Why is it our role in life to provide researchers with subjects to study or answers to complex philosophical questions?

I was born this way.  It ain’t rocket surgery.*

From the movie Boondock Saints II

The judeo-christian-islamic-satanist axis of irrationality and creationism.

By Andrea B.

This is my opinion on this issue.

Every atom in my body, apart from the hydrogen atoms were created in nuclear fusion reactions in first and second generation stars over the last fourteen billion or so years. The atoms were blasted across the galaxy by supernova explosions, eventually they came together to form the earth and eventually ended up in me, built into there present structure by my DNA/RNA.

In about four billion years from now, long after I have died and the human race is long forgotten, the atoms in my body will be ripped of the outer layer of this planet by our dying sun as it expands into a red giant. They will be reduced to plasma as they have there electrons stripped of them by the radiation in space and travel through the galaxy, until they take part in the next cycle of life several billion years from now.

Religion is a new phenomena. It was created by man. It appears to act as a social control mechanism, very similar to sociology, psychiatry and psychology, which appear to be the new religions to control people. The average species only lasts something like five million years. So religion and God as the religious refers to some human construct which has become an ideology, will die in the next few million years. However the atoms that make up my body will still exist and travel throughout this galaxy in the next cycle of life, long after the irrelevant stupidity of religious fundamentalists is no longer even a historical footnote.

To sum up, the fundamentalists are trying to stand against the reality of how irrelevant they really are. They are to be pitied due to there lack of education and inability to face up to the reality of life. All they are is a creation by a DNA molecule, which tricks them into believing certain things, so as to maintain its ability to reproduce itself.

The point of all life on Earth is to reproduce our DNA and to constantly evolve our DNA into forms which give it a better chance of survival. At present there appears to be no other point to the existence of life.

Basically what I am saying is that a complex chemical in out body called DNA which has as its entire aim to replicate itself, tricks us in all sorts of ways, such as love, hate, conquest, submission, etc. so as to create opportunities for the molecule to replicate.

The point of the universe is to me unknown and maybe it is just is, with no point. I do believe that in the eons to come we may possibly seed it with life, if there is not already life there.

I have sometimes wondered if life is the universe trying to make sense of its self.

What we have in present society is irrationality, idiotically deranged and professional imbecility. We have the irrational who blow themselves up to be with virgins and the irrational who drop bombs on third world regimes which they put there in the first place because there latest decision has negatively affected there control of oil. We have the idiotic ideas of religious leaders who believe that a concept called god speaks to them and through them, such as there idiotic idea of intelligent design. We have the psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists who are professional imbeciles who believe they can impose there deranged belief systems onto minority groups in society. Just take a look at the proposals in the revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V, by the American Psychiatric Association.

Regarding intelligent design is at its very core, a recoiling in horror from the truth. It is a banner around which the ignorant gather. It is an excuse to be proud of their own ignorance.

Intelligent design comes from a view that the world is immovable, static, forever unchanging and a fear of change. That God made it this way, and filled out all the niches perfectly, and by God that will never ever change. Now, any intelligent person could look at this world for the dynamic and varied place that it is, see the beauty of Nature, and know that everything is changing all the time and realize that evolution makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, this view of a static universe is prevalent in Christianity and the entire judeo-christian-islamic-satanist axis of irrationality which is in turn prevalent in North America. You can witness this in the surprised faces of people in America when their trailer homes get ripped apart by a tornado when they live in Tornado Alley as they think that praying to a mythical social construct, such as god will protect them.

It is this attitude that has permeated the public consciousness, particularly in the United States and is now spreading out from the US due to cultural domination. It is this attitude that can have people seriously questioning whether evolution is taking place. This championing of ignorance, this vilification of learning, the learned, and the people whom are becoming learned.

Damn the entire creationist, judeo-christian-islamic-satanist axis of irrationality lot of them, I say.


Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.-Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)