Bishop ‘blames Jews’ for criticism of Catholic church record on abuse

From The Guardian UK

Tom Kington, Rome, Sunday 11 April 2010 21.37 BST

A furious transatlantic row has erupted over quotes that were attributed to a retired Italian bishop, which suggested that Jews were behind the current criticism of the Catholic church’s record on tackling clerical sex abuse.

A website quoted Giacomo Babini, the emeritus bishop of Grosseto, as saying he believed a “Zionist attack” was behind the criticism, considering how “powerful and refined” the criticism is.

The comments, which have been denied by the bishop, follow a series of statements from Catholic churchmen alleging the existence of plots to weaken the church and Pope Benedict XVI.

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2 Responses to “Bishop ‘blames Jews’ for criticism of Catholic church record on abuse”

  1. tinagrrl Says:

    Oh goody, goody — “The Church” has (once again) shown its true colors — and they are NOT a rainbow flag.

    “It’s the Jews.”, “It’s those ‘gay’ folks.”, “It’s the Protestants.”, “It’s all those ‘non-Christian’ (IE: not Roman Catholic) folks.”, “It’s the fault of those ‘childlike’ black and brown folks (proof The Church has not done its job well enough).” — anything but “We screwed up — again”.

    Never willing to take responsibility for their failings, these out of touch clerics must actually believe they can do no wrong.

    Time to tax, break up, make accountable, EVERY “Religious Organization”. They are just a business run to give false hope, and keep in line the poor, the “masses”, and pay the leaders quite well.

    Time to change the game.

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    The sooner the pope is arrested and put in a jail cell where he belongs, the better.

    The abuser always blames the vctims or or try to blame an innocent group so as to distract attention.

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