Dallas Demonstration in Support of ENDA

Yesterday afternoon Tina and I attended a demonstration in support of ENDA.

It was held near the offices of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

In spite of attendance being sparse, fewer than two dozen people taking part for varying periods of time we did have the opportunity to speak with Jim McGee, her North Texas Regional Director.

The exchange was polite on both sides.  A pleasant contrast to the howling mobs of Tea Baggers who greeted Senator Hutchison during her campaign for the Republican candidacy in  the forthcoming election for Governor of Texas .

It felt good to go to this demonstration, a putting of action to words.  Taking small economically reasonable actions in order to politically influence our Senator.

Even if we have little chance in winning her support it was good to have people driving by us see our signs as it means that we too are part of the Texas body politic.

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