Taiwanese TV host had sex change operation in Singapore


Popular TV host, Liching, underwent a sex change operation 29 years ago in Singapore. -TNP

Sun, Jan 31, 2010
AsiaOne and TNP

By Charlene Chua and Germaine Lim

HER legions of fans in Singapore and Taiwan idolise her for her looks, her skills at auctioning anything and her husky voice.

Now, they will have another reason to gawk.

Six years ago, popular 48-year-old Taiwanese TV host Liching had shocked the Asian showbiz scene when she announced that she was a hermaphrodite who had a sex change operation to become a woman.

The term hermaphrodite is used to describe a person who is born with ambiguous genitalia.

But now, in a bizarre twist, the doctor who had encouraged her to undergo surgery in Singapore 29 years ago has come out to say that she was not a hermaphrodite, but a man.

Dr Zhang Qizhong exposed her in a Taiwanese medical journal that he wrote to document his 35 years in medicine.

He said the article was meant only for internal circulation to encourage people to face their sexuality, reported Next magazine, a Hong Kong weekly.

But the Asian media soon picked it up, leaving Liching distraught and forcing her into hiding.

Dr Zhang had referred Liching to a Singapore hospital in 1981 for her sex change operation because such surgery was then illegal.

It is likely that the operation was performed by the late Prof S S Ratnam, who was then the only Singapore surgeon skilled enough to carry out a sex change operation.

Prof Ratnam was a pioneer in sex change operations. His department atKandang Kerbau Hospital had performed 500 such operations between 1971 and 1995.

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The trouble with the whole “I wasn’t transsexual, I was really intersex.” lie is that it is too easy to contradict.  Especially when ever garden variety of sister tries to pull it.  Especially given how few brothers try to pull it when the logic of infant genital surgery for sex assigning purposes would suggest that they would vastly out number those surgically assigned as male.

Remember too big a clit gets cut down and too small a penis gets turned into a clit.

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  1. Suzan Says:

    No body today has to claim to be intersex to get SRS. That may have been the case in 1959 but that was then and if one were to adamantly make that claim today they would be considered disturbed liars.

    It is only in the on line trans-world that so many feel compelled to make that claim. And mostly not people whose physical appearance would cause one to wonder if they might be partially androgen insensitive.

    The I am really intersex seems to predominate among the same middle aged emergers who also had to claim they weren’t gay, weren’t queens and have always been feminist.

    It is also a mind set of people who have read too much Ayn Rand and think they couldn’t possibly be the same as all those lumpen prole trannie sex workers.

  2. Suzan Says:

    I truly doubt that these people even use their claims of being intersex with any health professional they are seeking help from.

    Agnes poisoned that well in 1959. Something that was probably a good thing because it put the kibosh on anyone seeking to pull that game. Particularly since she told the truth after she got her SRS.

    To her credit it was virtually impossible to get SRS anywhere in the US at the time.

    Dr. Elmer Belt did Aleshia Brevard’s but only a few others. One went Dr. Barbosa in Tijuana or Dr. Burou in Casablanca.

    By 1972 when I got mine there were some 30-40 places one could go in the US. Many were teaching Medical Centers.

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