Raising Trouble: Pink and Blue Brains?

From Bitch Magazine:


One of the most consistently jarring things about having a small child is how many conversations begin like this:

Another parent – often the expensively-educated New York Times-reading mother of at least one boy –will say, with the air of someone who is imparting a profoundly original thought, “You know, I always thought gender was socially constructed, but gosh, it’s just amazing how different boys and girls really are.” Her inevitable conclusion? It’s all in their intractable little natures.

Here’s my internal monologue at these moments:

Um, really? If your little boy enjoys trucks, as well as hitting other kids over the head with same, you can’t imagine any other reasons besides testosterone? And if your little girl wants to wear pink it’s just got to be those pesky double-X chromosomes. Because your friends and relations, your daycare, your playground, your nanny – and most uncomfortably, you — couldn’t possibly be part of anything so distasteful as “society.”

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2 Responses to “Raising Trouble: Pink and Blue Brains?”

  1. Véronique Says:

    It’s both, like pretty much everything. The differences between the brains of (most) boys and (most) girls are tiny, but real. And then, those differences tend to get magnified by upbringing. Which as I understand it is pretty much what Lise Elliot found. I still have to read the book.

    I don’t know why people want things to be either nature or nurture but not both.

  2. Willow Arune Says:

    And we know…

    “Well, I simply *know* I have a pink brain. First, I was told this by God (Anglo-Catholic, of course, formerly Baptist but he was wrong I determioned – so there). Secondly, I am obviously so different and better than those supposed transsexuals with blue brains, who are really transgendered tramps trying to be as good as transsexuals which everyone knows they are not. I am only talking to you to inform you of how superior I am to the likes of you. You and your ilk are simply transvestites and the like, poor creatures who are trying so hard to be as good as I am. Everyone in the Mission Hotel knows this and accepts it fully, so I know I am right. Further it is obvious to all that I am pretty and pass fully, even though those terrible pictures are on line. They have all been photoshopped to make me look as bad as the terrible transvestites that are all over the Mission. And I am so much better than the normal class of transsexual or wanna-bes that are in the Mission Hotel as my room has a bathroom, so there – and I only stay here so I can save money and go to fancy SF restaurants. Why, those nasty types even started telling stories – that I wrote transvestite fiction and claimed to be “more than a transvestite, less than a transexual” when I arrived in SF from Birmingham (which I may have done but that was before I relaized how much better I was than everyone else, so it does not count). Oh yes, my torrid love affairs prior to my SRS (which I really did have, really) were proof positive of my pink brain for I had sex just like all the real women who all have pink brains (and if you can’t figure out how I did that with male body parts, it just goes to show that you have a blue brain). And if you don’t beleive me, I will get my pal Sue Anne Robins and her militia friends to wipe you out as I complain to the police about your threats to me on line. You didn’t threaten me? Well, I say you did, so there – it must be true.”

    It’s called Pink Brainitis…

    So there…”

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