Making SRS For Transsexuals Instead of for the Medical Establishment

Why do we look at the idea of surgery on demand as though it would be a bad thing/

Well not quite on demand nor on a whim but without having to pay for a bunch of therapy that many of us do not need.

Why couldn’t counseling be something that happens at your publicly funded LGBT/T Center maybe with a sliding scale donation.  With various problem related rap groups tackling specific issues.  One for employment, one for legal, one for substance abuse issues etc?  Attendance being voluntary.

Hormones something you get based on a physical and your signing an informed consent that says the Doctor explained what they would and wouldn’t do.  The risks and benefits.

I realize what I am suggesting is scary to some because it is about the freedom to act and taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Why shouldn’t SRS be covered by health insurance when infertility treatments are?  Some may call both of those both those matters lifestyle issues and perhaps they are.

So what?  I mean it so what if they are lifestyle issues and are related to the matter of personal happiness and satisfaction with life.

One of my favorite founding fathers, the free thinking, Thomas Jefferson described the pursuit of happiness as an inalienable right in The Declaration of Independence.

I was part of an idealistic faction of the Baby Boomer generation.  Contrary to popular thinking we weren’t monolithic.  When some of us were fighting for racial equality the YAFies were supporting racism and becoming the right wing draft dodgers that make up the modern Republican Party.  Us lefties went on to found things like Ben and Jerry’s, Green Peace, the Feminist Movement and the Modern LGBT/T movement along with the creation of a lot of good music etc.

Some people blame us for the thirty years of ultra right wing back lash while ignoring how rich and powerful those pushing that agenda were and how fragmented into our identity politics we were.

A couple of years ago Obama gave us hope and the idea of change we can believe in.

While some accuse him of studying Lenin, I think perhaps they are mistaken and that like a lot of us he was listening to Lennon.


Imagine how much better it would be if none of us were denied decent work with a living wage that didn’t leave us so drained at the end of the day that we felt like slaves.

Imagine our bosses treating us with respect.  Imagine not having to fear homelessness.

Why do we feel compelled to act like little fascists enforcing dress codes?  Are they really that important? Would the world truly end if we didn’t join the bullies in enforcing rigid gender roles?

Would the sky really fall if we all stopped acting like sociopaths straight out of a bad Ayn Rand novel and started building a society based on equality and respect.

Acting like a bunch of lumpen prole gladiators fighting against each other for the amusement of the 5% that control 50% of the wealth sucks.  There are a lot more of us than them and we have computers now.

They haven’t taken away our right to vote and as we saw in the last election if we can all get together and agree on someone who isn’t too bad or even really awful for any of us we can elect that person

I’m looking at this health plan and the fact that the Obama administration may have gotten the economy going again and I’m thinking , maybe…  But we’ve got to keep the right wing fucks from bullying and threatening their way back into power.

The accused Right Wing Terrorist Cell that was disrupted this week and the conviction of Right Wing misogynist  and terrorist Scott Roeder are a start in the prevention of a coup by these anti-American elements called Tea Baggers.

Friday Night Fun and Culture

Orianthi – Now or Never

Last week Tina and I were looking at televisions in our local Best Buy and they had a video on by Orianthi.

Who sez girls can’t play electric guitar?  This girl shreds…

The Game Changer

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On March 31, 2010, In Essays, By Dyssonance

The idea that most Trans activists are people without surgery is not a happy thing, but it has some merit and there’s a bit of truth to it.

A transsexual who has surgery often doesn’t have the same things at risk as one that has not, and transsexuals in general are at a somewhat reduced level of risk of oppression in some ways than those Trans folk who are not transsexual.

In part because of a lot of Transsexuals who give them crap.

What if the game changed, though?  What if all those transsexuals could get surgery without a problem — it was taken care of with the same dispassionate efficiency of treating the flu.

“ok, we’re going to do your surgery next Tuesday at 10.  Your copay is 150, sign here.”

Granted, barring a change to the ADA such is pretty much unlikely to happen quite that easily, but don’t underestimate the power of ENDA in terms of Trans lives.

Because it is, truly, a game changer.

In a world where trans people can work without fear of reprisal for being Trans, there will still be a lot of problems.  Trans folk will still get fired often.

Not always for being trans directly, but to a great extent because of growing up in a society that’s is fairly abusive to them.

However, an income stream for more Trans people would mean more surgeries.  More surgeries would create mor competition, drive down prives, blah blah, the whole stupid thing there.

But it would also mean that more activists are post surgical.  And, if the theories of some people are true, then they would end up being less activist.

Leaving the hard work still to be done by people who are not surgical.

IT would change the nature of many conversations — no matter what one says.

The ADA passage that I’m a fan of would have an even greater impact.

More money would mean that Trans folk have the ability to use their money for things that go beyond survival and medical costs.  It’s a certainty that many of them would use it for political purposes.

OR social ones.

There would be more funding as a matter of course for social services, for charities, for campaigns, for things that save lives.

And that, in turn, would change the balance of power in dealing with trans people, because money is one of the most potent forms of power.

There would be more film and messaging.  There would be people who approach activist orgs and get on the board of it.  There would be changes to include them in more discourse.

And there would be a lot of resistance to that.

there would be potence in the Trans community that it does not have right now.  And it would be a generally pissed off community that would be exercising that power.

It would change the game on many levels — the game of politics, the game of messaging, the game of health care and more.

ENDA is not a panacea, but it is absolutely a game changer. It changes the rules — and it would free trans people in a way that no one really can understand right now because they’ve never been freed to that level before.

ENDA is the single most critical issue of Trans people.

Pass it, and they will focus on other things. That focus will change the way those other things are dealt with.

I suspect that after ENDA, a lot of Trans people will be looking at Marriage and medical issues.

And, if nothing else, I can say that If I were working, everything around me and in my life would change.

Maybe not for the better, but it’s bound to be better than what’s going 0n with me now…


When people look at the how the right wing has steam rollered through its agenda since the early 1970s there has been a tendency to claim that as a wide ranging rejection of progressive politics.

Yet in 2008 widely different groups of progressive people came together and elected Barack Obama as our first Black President.

To do so some of us had to overcome anger that the candidate wasn’t Hillary Clinton, as we really want a woman to  be the first non-white male President.

Obama isn’t perfect yet we are getting more done than we have in the last 40 years.

Identity politics has been a sort of loser.  It breaks progressives down into little fiefdoms, with each group only able to focus on its special interests.

Many post-SRS women and men look at the transgender movement with a sort of Ayn Rand POV, “What’s in it for me?”  Well leaving aside that in an age of total information awareness having a transinclusive ENDA would protect us all.  Just as  transinclusive hate crimes laws protect us all.

But there is something else.  We gain humanity by acting outside our narrowly perceived set of self interests.  I’m pretty much disgusted with Christianity which has devolved into Christo-fascism and has forgotten how its spiritual leader taught solidarity with the poor and powerless not worshiping of wealth and power.

I wrote a series of responses to Toni’s post because I can see it in the interests of those who are transgender and do not get SRS to extend beyond their identity politics as well.

We still need to improve the Health Care Bill that just passed.  Historic as it is it is far from perfect and there were too many peoples rights that were compromised in the process.

Living wage and the right to unionize come immediately to mind.  Assuming an inclusive ENDA passes and people manage to get the same crappy jobs that do not pay enough to live on due to globalization…  Has the struggle been won.

The left wing chants of every movement from those struggling for immigrant rights to the peace movement and the labor movement have included, “The people united can never be defeated.” That is what the Black Panther Party was calling for with “Power to the People.”  That is what the labor movement (including undocumented workers) calls for with the chant borrowed by the Obama campaign, “Yes we Can!/Si se Puede!”.

When “Classic Transsexuals/HBSers” started calling me names because I refused to continue playing the trashing people with transgenderism game since people with transsexualism are supposed to be superior and not just another oppressed group, I started seeing this as part of how the right wing has kept everyone down.

Any how I want to thank Toni for furthering the discussion and giving me permission to repost her piece.