New Age Fraud and Self Important Titles

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people who present extremely sketchy thinking and claims are presenting themselves as having very impressive titles.

All I can think of when I see these titles in front of people’s names is a paraphrase of the t-shirts that say “My Parents Went to _____ and All I Got was this Lousy T-shirt”.  Perhaps, “I went on line and bought this very fancy looking degree from this extremely obscure diploma mill.”

Why anyone would claim to be a Rev. these days considering how that title just screams “fraud” and “con-artist” of dubious character is beyond me.

As for Doctors of alternative medicine…  The house we lived in before we moved to Texas had one of those running a “clinic” in his basement before Tina bought the house.

People with badges and legal papers came looking for him months after he disappeared.

As for many of the alternative medicine degrees in things like Reiki… Give me a freaking break, no touch massage of someones “aura” is a hoax, pure and simple.  At least the outlaw masseuses and masseurs give sexual satisfaction.

At best the jury is still out on a few elements of alternative medicine.  Much of it has been studied thoroughly and found to be quackery, pure and simple.

The fact that people like Oprah Winfrey and PBS audiences seem to fall for it doesn’t validate it.  It merely causes me to question the wisdom of those who suspend analytical thinking and accept bullshit.

I read so much bullshit on so many of the trans-forums that I wonder why my key board doesn’t smell like a cow barn on a hot rainy July day.

People telling me about their strange and contradictory forms of intersex when they are really garden variety trannies who fathered children prior to coming out.

Well when presenting bullshit it helps to stick a title in front of your name to give the fraud credibility.