The Lie That Hate Crimes Laws Restrict “Religious Freedom”

One of the more highly touted of recent Christo-fascist lies is the one about how equal rights for LGBT/T people means restricting “religious freedom”.

Since when did homophobia become a core religious belief share by both Christo-fascists and their brothers the Islamo-fascists?

Maybe the real answer is that misogyny, racism and bigotry *are* the core values of religion as is submission to irrationality on the part of religious “leaders”.

More and more we are learning that Catholicism seems to be about providing those so call voices of moral authority with children they can have sex with.

Now comes the ultra bizarre form of religious victimology that equates protecting LGBT/T people from violence and discrimination by adding them to the same sort of catagorical list of protected classes that include religion as well as race some how denies religious freedom.

Perhaps if your religion is that of the KKK, Aryan Nation or Nazism.

But then hatred in the name of some imaginary bully in the sky is what religion is all about as evidenced by the long history of religion based wars fought with both sides proclaiming divine support.

Mostly though religion is anti-human rights and anti-humanity given to placing irrational demands upon people and preaching hatred.

Can there be any more profoundly disturbing form of hatred preached in the name of an imaginary being in the sky than one that tells families to disown their own children or abuse them because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or transgender?

Perhaps this form of “religious freedom” deserves censure?

Too often I see bumper stickers that get it wrong when they say “Hate is not a religious value”, when hate really is not only a religious value but is really what religion is all about.

No God, No Masters!

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