Stony Brook University and the “Feminine Boy Project

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Feminine Boy Project

Posted on 30 March 2010.

By Cynthya BrianKate

Though Stony Brook denies it, this campus was involved in a government-funded brainwashing project to keep children from “acting queer” for two decades. Some people involved still work on campus, and the Feminine Boy Project laid groundwork for current psychiatric abuses against transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

This project was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) from 1972 to1986. The original stated goal on the grants was “treatment of pre-homosexuality”–the, idea that if children were kept from stepping outside gender stereotypes, they wouldn’t turn out gay. When being gay was taken out of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1973, the goal was changed to “treatment of pretranssexuality,” conflating gender identity and sexuality as the same, based in biased assumptions that anything other than stereotypical gender identities and heterosexuality were wrong. Children were declared “pathological” for behavior like boys playing with dolls, wearing dresses or helping in the kitchen, or girls climbing trees, playing with boys’ toys or wearing boy clothes.

This was collaboration between anti-LGBT/TI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual/Transgender, Intersex) members of the psychiatric establishment and the “religious right.”

Richard Green is a colleague of John Money. Money instituted the “Money protocols” for non consensual surgeries on intersex children after forcing David Reimer to live as a girl (until Reimer changed back to male before killing himself). During the “experiment” Green co-wrote the book Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment. Green has made a career of pathologizing LGBTTI people. This has included making inflammatory comments like his 1995 Dateline remark “plays with Barbies at five, sleeps with men at twenty-five.” While head of the now closed Human Sexuality branch of Stony Brook’s Psychology Department he got NIMH to approve nearly $1 million for the project.

George Rekers belongs to several anti-gay fundamentalist groups, published his essay “Gender Identity Disorder” through the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council and is “scientific advisor” to National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which claims to “cure” gays despite the American Psychiatric Association (APA) condemning “reparative therapy.”

They worked with doctors like Susan Coates, behaviorists like O. Ivor Lovaas and David Barlow, and had the staff of several institutions at their disposal.

Several institutions were used to justify funding this dubious research and brainwashing children. Fuller Theological Seminary is a Christian fundamentalist college with anti-gay alumni including Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Rekers. Logos Research Institute is a “religious-right” think-tank promoting fundamentalist “science,” currently funding the edited edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species from actor Kirk Cameron and his colleague Ray Comfort (known as YouTube’s “Banana Guy” for claiming bananas disprove evolution). Green used Stony Brook to get most of the NIMH grants and to do most of the clerical, statistical and administrative work of this “study.” Most of the brainwashing went on at UCLA, though such other efforts happened at New York City’s Luke’s Research Hospital’s Childhood Gender Identity Unit (allegedly)* (funded through the Roosevelt Institute).

Green and Rekers required patients through mental health practitioners who knew of prepubescent children who didn’t conform to gender stereotypes–mainly feminine boys, though there were some masculine girls. Some were referred by school authorities for gender nonconformity, some brought in by parents.

Children were diagnosed using pseudo scientific “gender tests” including the “Barlow Gender-Specific Motor Test,” using stereotypes to “measure” gender identity by whether children sit/stand/move like men or women “should.” Diagnosed with “pathological gender development,” they would be recommended for invasive behavior modification, including placement in special playrooms where they would be repeatedly coached to choose gender-stereotypical toys with staff spying through mirrors. Behaviorists like Shasta Mead directly interacted with children, slowly gaining trust to reinforce stereotypical behavior, repeatedly suggesting they would rather wear or play with the “right” items. Children were made to wear wrist counters to monitor whenever they thought about playing with the “wrong” toys. Rewards and demerits were issued for “right” and “wrong” choices. Patients were enlisted to police children’s choices, throw out toys, force boys out of the kitchen and “steer” children more toward stereotypical choices at home as well as in the facility. This would go on until the child was declared “cured.”

This project was declared “successful,” though it succeeded only in traumatizing children. “Becky,” for example, was declared “successfully cured,” because the eight-year-old saw a male orderly old enough to be her father as her “boyfriend.” The “poster child,” called Kraig by Rekers and Kyle by Green, attempted suicide. This didn’t stop expansion of “Gender Identity Disorder” (GID) and “Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood” (GIDc) diagnoses of pathologized/transgender/gender-nonconforming people, no matter how emotionally healthy. The DSM-IV guidelines even specify boy playing with Barbie as a “symptom.”

Stony Brook’s administration denies Green ever taught there, despite the NIMH grants archived in Phyllis Burke’s book Gender Shock, kept in the campus library, and Green thanking his Stony Brook staff in his book The Sissy Boy Syndrome, with several still working there today.

In 1980 Dylan Scholinski, a young transgender man then named Daphne, was incarcerated in psychiatric institutions for four years for “Gender Identity Disorder.” His memoir The Last Time I Wore A Dress shows his school reported him to psychiatrists and he was diagnosed using the Barlow Gender Motor Test and treatment including forced makeovers. In 2000, a six-year-old child was taken away from loving parents for “exacerbating a mental disorder.” The “disorder?” Aurora Lipscomb told her parents she was not a boy but was a girl, and her parents supported her decision to live as a girl. Because her parents “exacerbated” her “gender identity disorder” the court took Aurora from loving parents and put her in a household where for four years she was forced to live as a Christian boy rather than a Jewish girl.

Currently, there’s a push to rewrite the DSM to make it even more pathological toward transsexual/transgender, gender-nonconforming and intersex people.

These changes were proposed by Ken Zucker and Ray Blanchard. Zucker’s been pathologizing LGBTTI people for many years, has run the Clarke Gender Institute (whose handling of transsexual/transgender and intersex populations have so angered both communities that some activists call it “Jurassic Clarke”) and, as an expert in the Lipscomb case, recommended the court take Aurora Lipscomb from her family. Blanchard mentored J. Michael Bailey, author of a racist, LGBTTI-phobic book called The Man Who Would Be Queen, and advocate for selective abortion of “gay babies.” Blanchard helped write the discredited gender theories Bailey based his book on, and both and belong to eugenicist think-tank the Human Biodiversity Institute, whose membership include people from the anti-immigrant group VDARE and the author of The Bell Curve, which claimed African-Americans were intellectually inferior.

The proposed changes include renaming GID “Gender Incongruity Disorder,” putting anyone who, in any way, steps outside gender stereotypes at risk for being declared a sufferer of a mental disorder, not only transgender people but also possibly gay, lesbian and bisexual people, as well as feminine men and masculine women. These proposals also include adding intersex to the list of gender disorders. This makes no sense as intersex is a physical variation (being biologically in between male and female) having nothing to do with mental health.

The APA has opened the revision of DSM-V for public comment until April 20. 2010. I urge everyone to contact the APA at and tell them not to add these anti-trans/anti-intersex changes to the DSM, and keep pressure on the APA even after that date.

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© 2010 The Stony Brook Press

* The allegation regarding the Roosevelt Foundation funding this has been disputed by someone from the institute.

13 Responses to “Stony Brook University and the “Feminine Boy Project”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Sadly, Aurora Lipscomb is still in the nefarious hands of these abusive SOBs. She’s still forced to live as a boy, and as far as this transsexual’s concerned, the Franklin County Child Protective Services board need to be jailed and those responsible for Aurora’s kidnapping and abuse need to be put away for life, as well as those responsible for the delusion that their “therapy” is valid!

  2. Willow Arune Says:


    As you know, I am a friend of the anti-christ, Ray Blanchard.

    We differ on the Clarke. So, just as a comment, how often have you visited the Clarke or Canada? Without the Clarke, the situation of TS in Canada would be far worse, IMO. But enough – we must agree to disagree on this one. The difference is that I live in Canada and have a legal background. I know what the Clarke did to promote many changes in legislation and more.

    But, at least be factually correct. Blanchard did not mentor Bailey (other than in the very broadest of meanings) nor is Bailey (and I speak here from personal knowledge, not rumour and innuendo) racist. I have never seen anything indciating that Bailey promoted selective aborition of gay babies. As to the “Human Biodiversity Institute”, such was at best a disussion group on the Intern et, with no other powers or presence. And, for that matter, agreement was not usual – parties argued many sides of the issues discussed.

    I appreciate that it is popular to simply repeat the allegations of others withotu any direct personal knowledge. Well, I have that personal knowledge and consider Ray to be a good friend. Sure, he has his opinions and I do not agree with them all but the continuing attacks such as this are as the Republicans suggesting that health care meant death panels.

    Yes, I know. I must be a mere puppet of BB&L (add a Z, I suppose), but I have now had five years of exchanging views with Blanchard and Bailey, and very little of the highly dramatic and emotional rants come close to the real people.

  3. Willow Arune Says:

    P.S. I have absolutely no knowledge of Stony Brook University. Never heard of it…

  4. Andrea B. Says:


    I assume you can read.

    Click to access Homosexual%20Eugenics.pdf

    In Canada if the Clarke was gone, TS people would be a lot better of.

  5. Rev. Cathryn Platine Says:

    Marlene, you should avoid discussing cases of which you have zero knowledge. For the record, it took us two bloody years with zero help from the “trans-activist” communities, but Aurora’s mom, the pro bono lesbian attorney I arranged and I got her back. They fled Ohio many years ago and Aurora is happily transitioned today and turns 16 this summer. I should know, I’m her “adopted” aunt and see her and her mom on a regular basis. “Aurora” (she uses another name now) calls me on a regular basis.

    Yes, there is psychological scarring from the two years of “behavioural modification” (read torture) but we are dealing with it. I am not at liberty to say more.

  6. tinagrrl Says:

    The very last time I attempted to leave a comment on your blog — you deleted it and said: “February 23, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Comment deleted
    I meant it Tina…… more comments, not even a parting shot. I am willing to give folks a lot of slack up to a point and you and Suzan passed that point. The bridge has been burned as far as you both are concerned.”

    Gee-whiz, if “the bridge has been burned”, why do you think it just fine to comment here? Your need to keep your space clear of any controversy, any disagreement is your business — after all, it is your blog. Why bother to come here?

    Are you trying to share the virus you say you picked up at “Bilerico”?

  7. Rev. Cathryn Platine Says:

    I simply corrected an untruth….

    • Suzan Says:

      Go away Platine, you are as irrelevant and as big a waste of time as JU, SA-ET, Sue Ann Robins and the rest of the nut jobbers.

  8. Caitlin Howarth Says:

    I noticed this article while doing a daily round-up of posts mentioning my organization, the Roosevelt Institute – and I’m at a bit of a loss, because my organization is a nonprofit that focuses on promoting the Roosevelts’ legacy through support for the FDR Presidential Library, promoting a new generation of progressive policy leaders in our Campus Network, and providing fresh ideas in the financial reform and economic policy fields. We have no history that I or anyone else is aware of of funding the Childhood Identity Unit mentioned in the article above; it’s completely unrelated to what we do. Check out if you’re interested in learning more about the Roosevelt Institute, by all means. Could you please make a correction?

  9. Willow Arune Says:

    Andrea B.

    Firstly, we must agree to differ on the Clarke. Just one note – without the Clarke, I doubt that the universal ability of TS in Canada to change their birth ceritificates would be in place. The Clarke lobbied and got the changes well before any TS lobby was even in existence.

    As to Bailey’s article, please note the very careful “academic” limitations. He is not advocating, merely debating one side of an issue – the morality of parental decisions. In a way, it is like Swift’s advocating the use of Irish children skin for gloves. Mike has a tendency to throw pebbles into ponds, I have noticed over the years. But you have to read carefully to get the real message. The one on the surface is not it.

    • Suzan Says:

      You give way to much credit to the “master”. Master does not treat his poor little trannie children very well and we have never had any real respect for them.

      We played their games got our SRS and said good-bye.

      The Clarke is as bad as they come institution wise. Bailey and Blanchard are scum of the earth.

  10. Willow Arune Says:


    I generally like what the Southern Poverty Law Center does (if not how much it pays its founder – see the New Yorker article). But I remember when this article by Heidi Beirich and Bob Moser came out. I was so mad that I contacted their offices and spoke to both Heidi and her editor concerning the false and misleading information. They had accepted the word of one person and done no checking. Not any!

    We – you and I – have all belonged to discussion groups on the Internet. At its highest, that is all the so called “Human Biodiversity Institute” ever was. And like the group you and I belonged to, the 26 or so members did not agree – ever. Blanchard had left it after a very short time, Bailey left after a disagreement with some other member. The “Insititute” was just like SNSC and never was more than that. Unhappily, that small thing was enough to give one person with a vivid imagination a long rope to play with – and she did.

    It is like saying as yo and I both belonged to a certain group, we share all common concepts. Like hell we do – as youy well know. It is false informtaino like this that makes this issue so ugly.

    • Suzan Says:

      Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization that fights hate. Bailey and Blanchard are rightfully named as bigots representing a neo-Nazi mentality regarding transsexualism.

      It doesn’t matter if their glass slipper fit you or not. It was bound to fit someone somewhere. Transsexual and transgender people are so diverse that someone can be found among us for whom almost any hateful theory will actually fit.

      The mistake particularly when one has an atypical narrative is the assumption that every one else is lying. The real assumption should be “So What?” Instead people support this shit because they think it makes them special and different from the garden variety trannies.

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