Norrie May-Welby”s Recent Antics

I first encountered Norrie May-Welby some ten years ago, back when I was still struggling with alcoholism and was coming to grips with the utter devastation doing sex work had brought to my life and to the lives of friends of mine who were or had been sex workers.

I was on a list called “Trans-feminist” run by another winner, Emi Koyama.

I was amazed to find myself being trashed by these people for speaking the truth about my personal experiences with sex work, about how it had gone hand in hand with substance abuse and led to the deaths of most my friends who had been sex workers in the early 1970s.

I was told I was being oppressive and anti-feminist to want to talk about the negative impact doing sex work had on the lives of people doing it.

Considering I was a feminist and part of the actual second wave before Koyama was born I found this to be rather bizarre.

My take on Norrie May-Welby fell more into the category of my take on someone who caused transsexuals all sorts of problems back in the 1970s, a freak who called himself “Angela Douglas”.  Angela was all over the place claiming to run an organization and getting herself in all the underground papers.

When Jan and I first encountered this person we were running the NTCU.  We were supported by the Reed Erickson Foundation and had connections in the SF Public Health facility, The Center for Special Problems on Van Ness Ave. We were getting publicity from Lee Brewster in the form of an announcement in Queen Magazine.  She actually sent us a letter warning us about this person.

Well Angela got her surgery, then the wheels came off and the craziness came out.  Eventually Douglas went back to being a guy after leaving a trail of damage in his wake.

At a time when a number of us were quietly involved in the lesbian feminist movement he wrote a letter to one of the feminist newspapers proclaiming that transsexuals were vastly superior to natal females.

Now at a time when post-op transsexuals are facing a whole ton of bullshit from the right wing Christo-fascists, including finding ourselves being changed back into our birth sex by right wing legal actions, comes Norrie May-Welby, who wants to be considered a neuter.

Over on 365 Gay, lesbian columnist Emma Ruby-Sachs asks, “What do you think? Should neutral replace trans? Are they similar or the same? Do we need to do away with the gender discussion before we can start playing with the norms that exist?”


All I can say regarding Emma Ruby-Sachs suggestion is that she go fuck herself.

But regarding Norrie May-Welby…  “Ze” or what ever the fuck Norrie is,  should never be taken seriously regarding anything as this person is a narcissistic sociopath.

This person is far more harmful to transsexuals than a whole bus full of transgender activists.

Back when Jan and I meet Douglas I said to Jan, “My what a freak.”

Jan said, “Look at us.  Who are we to judge?’

I thought about it a bit and said, “Who better to judge than us, we are hippies and have seen the strangest of the strange.  We are transsexuals and have seen the strangest of the strange walk through the doors of this office.  We  aren’t judgemental and don’t view the merely different as bizarre, someone has to be truly strange for us to think they are bizarre.”

So it is with Norrie May-Welby…  Maybe when those of us who society considers strange think you are bizarre… Maybe just maybe it is time for you to do a gut check and consider some therapy.