Social Justice vs Right Wing Victimology

In the world of right wing Christo-fascism victimology the real victims of bigotry are those who routinely abuse the rights of others most specifically but not exclusively women,  LGBT/T people, as well as people of color.

In fact if one listens to them right wing control of only 90% of the radio and a substantial voice in other mainstream news outlets reflects a liberal bias to the news.  This is mainly because there are still people who call them on their lies.

In the US a rich elite that is mainly white, the top 5% in terms of wealth control 70% of the wealth and resources that produce yet more wealth.  It has gotten to the point where the bottom 1/3 of the population controls such a small percentage of the wealth that they live lives of constant insecurity.  Yet suggesting raising the taxes on the rich to even the point they were at under Reagan are met with howls and cries of “class warfare” as though the rich have not been in fact waging class warfare upon working people.

In Texas the rabid right wing Republican Christo-fascists have been demanding a rewriting of history and science books in an act of historical revisionism and Orwellian wishful thinking that make the acts of Stalin pale in comparison.  Suggestions that history is based on facts not fiction are met with argument that would make the most ardent believer in post-modern relativism burst out in laughter.

In the world of right wing victimology women who have raped or beaten by their partners are not the real victims.  The real victims are the men who have been accused.  It is the OJ Simpson world where the abuser becomes the victim while the person raped and murdered caused the act of violence by some short coming on his or her part.

Yesterday I saw a show on Current TV regarding LGBT/T people coming to terms with who they were.  Towards the end of the show there were  gay kids who were driven from their homes by homophobic parent, kids deprived of their education.

I have rarely heard stories of happy childhood free from abuse from people who were obvious transkids or for that matter were obviously gay or lesbian.  For some of us it is written on our bodies and was an invitation to years of physical and emotional abuse.  Yet when we point this out we are accused of oppressing the bullies.  Right Wing Christo-fascist embracers of victimology howl that the creation of anti-bullying laws and hate crimes laws restrict their freedom of speech and religion.  As though one of the core tenets of Christianity is the abuse and persecution of others.  Some may think it odd that as an atheist I have actually read the Bible from cover to cover and while it is filled with stories of god ordained genocide, murder, incest and a myriad of other behaviors that we as a more civilized society have deemed wrong I have not found the persecution of LGBT/T people to be any sort of core belief or requirement.  Particularly one that doesn’t fall into the category of barbaric behavior we now treat as crime.

On the other hand the central figure of the New Testament seems to be a rather left wing chap with stories about him that suggest a semi-socialist approach to life and a willingness to forgive offenses that had prior to his coming been treated by the quaint custom of stoning to death.

But even here the historical revisionists of right wing Christo-fascism exhibit a desire to remake even their own book of mythology in their Ayn Randish image.  Some how their victimologist claims that not being allowed to abuse LGBT/T people is an infringement upon their rights seems to contradict the whole concept of their slogan that asks “What would Jesus Do?”  Somehow I have a hard time picturing this mythical champion of social justice engaging in that sort of behavior.

In tune with a feature of the Bill Maher Show:  “New rule.  If you regularly engage in the abuse and oppression of whole classes of people based on some particular physical trait of those people such as sex, sexuality, gender, skin color or wealth then you do not get to claim victimhood if your victims complain about you doing them harm.”