Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

Yesterday I followed a link on Feministing to a book project I think we should all consider participating in.

In the 1970s women were dissatisfied with the level of knowledge they were able to glean regarding their bodies.  The medical books were mostly written by men as was the popular literature.  Many women came together with the Boston Women’s Health Collective and contributed to a project that produced the book , Our Bodies, Ourselves.

A number of people whose lives have been touched by trans-prefixed words, many of whom are Facebook friends and are people I personally admire and trust, are coming together to work on producing an equivalent titled Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

I know how I feel about answering studies, I generally feel like I am being manipulated into giving answers that validate some straight person’s foregone conclusions.  That the study’s main purpose is the further aggrandizement of the “researcher and that any supposed benefit to those of us who have had our lives impacted by transsexualism or transgenderism will be accidental.

Multiple choice questionnaires are the worst as they tend to show the naked bias in the limited number of acceptable answers.  Particularly those that immediately terminate your participation if you say you do not identify as transgender.  My one bone to pick with this survey is that you do have to cop to transgender or gender variant to get into the survey but after that one is presented with the opportunity to answer questions in ones own words.

It is a long survey and perhaps should be downloadable as a PDF with the opportunity to think about each question at length.

It does allow you to not be anonymous if you wish and includes a space for an e-mail address leaving open the door for answering questions in greater depth and at an increased level of participation.  I highly urge anyone interested in committing to participation beyond answering the questionnaire to do so.

This book represents the next step on the road to our regaining the control of the discourse regarding our lives for the psychiatric and even medical profession who have taken it upon themselves to define us.

I am fully aware that if you ask the opinions of a hundred different TS or TG folks on any given topic that you run the risk of getting a hundred different and often contradictory opinions.

Perhaps one of the most important results of this project will be the validating of the idea that there are many communities of different identities and thinking rather than just one united by a common shared identity.  In the space of time (13 months) this Blog has been pubishing I have watched more and more people start using transsexual and transgender instead of simply transgender.  Further I have seen greater usage of transsexual for those who actually have gotten or are in the process of getting SRS.

There is hope that people are starting to recognize that one paradigm does not fit all.  We have the opportunity being handed to us to show that those representing many different communities can work together on a project that could be beneficial to all.

Please go to this site and participate.  It is for us and by us.

I will be adding two links to Trans Bodies, Trans Selves one will be under Website and a direct link to the study will be under Petitions, Studies and Polls.