Hyper Retail Hype

Some days before work my mind is a fog while I wait for water and grounds tun into the magic elixir of working people, coffee the staff of life for the the exploited and drug testable workers in retail hell I look for inspiration in the morning e-mail.

Today was no exception.  I’m in an extra thick layer of fog due to the loss of an hour of sleep from the shift to day light savings time.

Top title:  From Macy’s… “The Hot List: Free Shipping on spring fashion must-haves”…  WTF???  Why must I have these items?  Will they make me brighter? Get me a promotion?  Cause me to find love and have more and better orgasms?  Or will they just keep me in debt and enrich the Corporate overlords while fellow proles working in retail hell get exploited the same way I do?

I think I’ll pass on that offer as I am working to beat down the advertising fed addiction to “Must have” along with other self destructive behaviors that allow the masters to own me.

Then from Ralph Lauren, now part of a mega-corporation that owns Ralph Lauren’s name and produces cheap crap in Under Developed Nation to sell at inflated prices in formerly industrialized nation that now often have whole cities under foreclosure.  I highly recommend Naomi Klein’s No Logo.  Labels are about selling image and the idea of luxury and exclusivity not about selling actual design and quality.  This is not the era of the rag trade when real live people in the area between the Macy’s flagship store on 32nd street and Times Square’s 42nd street ran the schemata industry and employed people who were members of the ILGW.

So from Ralph Lauren: “Poolside Style: Discover A New Season Of Swim”  Pretty fucking presumptive on his part thinking I might have a pool to sit beside, time to sit there and a body that I might want to display in clothes made by exploited teenage girls in the sweat shops of far away under developed nations that are sold at huge profits as luxury items.  While the knock off Stasi patrols Canal Street looking for clones ie counterfeits.

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