Food Porn

Okay I admit it, we watch the food channel, especially “Iron Chef America” but also other food shows that are ostensibly about cooking but are in fact advertisements for food that is very expensive in terms of both money and health.

If one listens to certain sectors of the media, anorexia and bulimia are the the worst of all problematic relationships that we can have with food.  We even have whole organizations devoted to fat acceptance that will trash anyone who dares to speak as disparagingly of obese women as very thin women regularly are spoken about.

Even women who work out intensely and are able to run marathons and hold their own in the weight room are suspect as being too obsessed with thinness.

Yet as women become fatter and less physically fit they are devalued.  It is almost a way of keeping physical health and attractiveness at a premium.

In fact it is one of those perks that goes with wealth as healthy food often costs more than the crap they sell in the glossy TV ads for fast and not so fast restaurant chains.  Food BTW that never looks as good in real life as it does when shot with all the special lighting and food stylist magic.

I work with food and marketing it.  I feel guilty sometimes when reading the ingredients and specifications like sugar content, fat content and sodium.

I am obese.  As I quit drugs, smoking and booze I ate.  Moving to suburbia where one drives instead of walking or taking public transit and walk added too the problem.  I’m older working out is harder.

I’m not alone obesity is epidemic, especially among Americans in the working classes.  Economic uncertainty and job related stress  play a role as does working long hours and it being just so easy to go out to eat.

It becomes a vicious cycle with every meal having far more calories than are healthy and we eat them because of childhood messages regarding cleaning our plates.  We regard food as love and acceptance, a protection from need and scarcity.  The psychic dread of hunger.

Food become an affordable reward.  The extra 800 calorie dessert on top of the 1800 calorie meal.

Perhaps I need to broaden the sorts of issues I write about on this blog because the personal truly is political and having had an association with a trans-prefixed word is only part of the problem.  We live in a rapidly changing world where countries like Greece are faced with going into default.  A world where globalization is destroying the standard of living for working people in the developed nations by moving our jobs to place where people work almost for nothing.

The movie “Food, Inc.” really got me thinking about the amount of cruelty that goes into consuming so much meat.  Perhaps eating less meat and the idea of being more of a flexitarian will help us become healthier as well as lessen the animal abuse.  I see grass feed cattle in the fields near where we live and that seems a better approach than the factory farming of the feed lots.

I’m on a diet because I do not have health care and obesity contributes to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.  My knees and feet hurt and it limits my life.  What I am not on is some sort of fad diet.  Rather I am eating less, particularly less meat and sugar and more vegetables as well as hitting the exercise bike for ten minutes a day.

Getting back down to a weight where I am healthy and fit will require changing patterns and becoming aware of how corporations get you addicted to eating all this crap with all their food porn.

Many of the changes are not all that severe.  A good pizza doesn’t have a pound of cheese product on it and a pound of high fat meats like pepperoni, salami and sausage.  It has  real cheese,  sauce and a few pieces of other things.  One of my favorite pizzas is the vegetarian.

Over the next few months I’m going to introduce some new topics like food issues.  After all how long can one talk about the “evil transgenders” or even the nasty “classic transsexuals” before the subject grows trite and boring.

Vatican fights to distance Pope from child sex scandals

From Raw Story

The Vatican fought attempts to link Pope Benedict XVI to child sex abuse in a counteroffensive on Saturday against widening paedophilia scandals.

“It is clearly evident that in the past few days there are some who have sought — with a dogged focus on Regensburg and Munich — elements to personally implicate the Holy Father in questions of abuse,” spokesman Federico Lombardi said.

“It is clear that these efforts have failed,” he said on Radio Vatican.

On Friday, the pope’s former diocese of Munich confirmed a report that, as an archbishop in 1980, the pontiff approved housing for a priest who had been accused of forcing an 11-year-old boy to perform oral sex.

Six years later, the priest was given a suspended prison sentence for child sex offenses. The archdiocese said he still works in Bavaria, with no known repeat violations.

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