Burce Springsteen’s Real American Values

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  1. Andrea B. Says:

    I still have that single on 7 inch vinyl:)

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    I also have some Ted Nugent records and CDs. I don´t like his politics, but love his music. Scream Dream I loved. I just wish his politics were not what they are. Credit were it is due, he is a erious performer.

    My favourite songs at present are,

    Scorpions, Alien Nation,
    Q5, Steel the Light
    Boston, more than a feeling,
    Thin Lizzy, Cold Sweat,
    Ted Nugent, homebound,
    Phenomena, No retreat not surrender & Hell on wings,
    ACDC, Thunderstruck,
    Europe, Wings of Tomorrow,
    Aerosmith, Dream on,
    Black Sabbath, Sign of the Southern Cross,
    WASP, The Idol,
    Rammstein, Links,
    Alice Cooper, Poison,
    Garry Moore, After the War & Out in the fields,
    Cinderella, Gypsy Road,
    Motorhead, Bomber,
    Nightwish, Wish I had an Angel,
    Heart, Nothing at all,
    Megadeath, Motopsycho,
    Deep Purple, Speed King & Child in Time,
    Def Leppard, Gods of War & Women,
    Iron Maiden, Run to the hills,
    David Coverdale, Here I go again,
    Ronnie James, Dio Children of the Night,

    Then again, I was always a metal head and the metal will always be in me:)

  3. Andrea B. Says:

    I really love that song.

  4. tinagrrl Says:

    errrrr, hmmmm, you see, it’s this way — Nugent, the right wing political guy, lives in Texas. There are people who actually worship this guy for his beliefs.

    That’s my problem with him. In my opinion, it really overshadows his music. Heck, if the right wing can destroy The Dixie Chicks for saying something in LONDON — why should I give “The Nuge” a pass?

    I have no problem with his passion for guns — it’s all the rest of his crap I find so antithetical to sanity.


  5. Andrea B. Says:

    Hello Tina,

    That is the thing I do not understand about Nugent. In Europe if he was to say some of htis insane statemtns he would be carted of to a looney bin.

    In the USA they put him on TV and encourage him.

    What happened with the Dixi Chicks?

    • Suzan Says:

      The Christo-fascists and Republi-Nazis declare a jihad on them.

      We have a corporate monopoly that owns a huge number of radio stations that blast their Nazi propaganda 24/7 and they stirred up the nut jobs who started threatening to assassinate them.

      Tina and I saw them on what turned out to be their last tour. They sort of broke up. A couple had kids.

      But they were also in a huge war with Sony Records regarding their contract so I suspect they may be vacationing until contract expiration.

  6. Suzan Says:

    Nah. The only places the Nuge appears is Faux TV and on shows that pretty much hold him up to ridicule.

    I was never impressed with him or for that matter with Cracker Rockers.

    I’m more punk than metal.

  7. Andrea B. Says:

    Nugent is on Fox news: Fuck that would be mayhem.

    I just read his wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Nugent

    I just followed the links. There is a lot there I did not know about and think quite a few in Europe don´t know about either.

    In Europe we get the Nugent who hunts keyboards with his rifle and being a lunatic on stage, ie showmanship. We definately do not get the Republican draft dodger who makes himself out to be a real patriot. There is a lot about him in the US that we would not know about and would not thought to search for.

    I have just posted this link to one of the rock forums I am on. The politics of Rammstein, Helloween and other metal groups quite often come up there and get very rough.
    First two reactions are WTF. His politics are seemingly very anti-european.

    I honestly never thought about searching about him on Google. He appears to be diametrically opposed to virtually everything that most other rockers are saying.

    Something for me to think about.

  8. Andrea B. Says:

    I have just been looking through youtube and various other sites for information on Ted Nugent.

    It is very obvious that the Ted Nugent presented in the USA is very different from that presented in Europe. It is almost like two different people.

    In Europe our MTV is very different from the USA.

    Some people in Europe subscribe to Fox News, but the channel is very different in Europe. There is no Hanratty or O´Reilly. It would probably not be legal to have them on in Europe.

    You are definately fed a very different viewpoint from us in Europe.

    An example is Alex Jones.

    A lot of the people in the US actually believe him. My neigghbours think he is funny as hell and roll about laughing at his claims.

  9. tinagrrl Says:

    In case anyone is wondering, Suzan’s last post was about the Dixie Chicks. Natalie made a comment about being ashamed by GW Bush, and all hell broke loose. They were called “traitors”. Radio stations refused to play their records. Folks tried to boycott their concerts (and were successful in some cases).

    They did not give in. They fought back

  10. Andrea B. Says:

    Do you have any links to the dixie chicks episode?

    I found a link last night on youtube were Nugent actually endorsed Sarah Palin. I will never be able to take Nugent seriously in any capacity again:)

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