Catholic Church and Child Sex Abuse

I went to Google News and typed in Catholic Church + Sex Abuse.  I was looking for developments on the scandal that involves Pope Adolf’s brother.  What I found makes it seem like sexually abusing children is a requirement for pricks who becom priests.  Or maybe it is a perk for perverted priestly pricks.

Anyhow the following are just a few of the links I found regaring the Holy Catholic Church of Sacred Misogyny.

Church abuse scandal reaches pope’s brother

By VICTOR L. SIMPSON (AP) – 2 hours ago

VATICAN CITY — Church abuse scandals in Germany have reached the older brother of Pope Benedict XVI and are creeping ever closer to the pontiff himself.

While there has been no suggestion of wrongdoing by Benedict, the launch of an inquiry by German Catholic officials after his brother admitted he slapped children years ago is stirring Vatican fears of a major crisis for the papacy.

Benedict, 82, was archbishop of Munich from 1977 to 1982 when he was brought to the Vatican to head the body responsible for investigating abuse cases. During that time, he came under criticism for decreeing that even the most serious abuse cases must first be investigated internally.
Austria rocked by more child sex abuse claims

Austria’s Catholic Church has expressed deep shame and regret over a growing child sex buse scandal.

It has now been revealed a priest from the south east region of Austria is suspected of abusing up to 20 children.

The news follows the resignation of Arch-Abbot Bruno Becker following sex-abuse allegations dating back 40 years.

Becker was the head of a monastery in Salzburg, now Kalksburg College in Vienna is also under investigation after allegations by former pupils including artist Andre Heller.,8599,1970320,00.html
Maciel Scandal Puts Focus on a Secretive Church Order

Disgrace already hung over the Rev. Marcial Maciel when he died in 2008 at the age of 87. In 2005, beset by burgeoning charges that he had sexually abused young seminarians for decades, the Mexican priest had resigned as head of the Legionaries of Christ, one of the Roman Catholic Church’s most powerful clerical orders. In 2006 the Vatican — which under the late Pope John Paul II had been one of Padre Maciel’s staunchest allies — made him give up public ministry and confine himself to a life of “prayer and penitence.”

But last week in Mexico, where Maciel founded the ultraconservative Legion in 1941, the scandal took an even unholier turn. On March 3, one of Maciel’s mistresses, Blanca Lara, and two of Lara’s grown sons told MVS Radio that Maciel had sexually abused his own children. It “started when I was 7 years old,” said one son, José Raúl González, now in his early 30s. “I was lying down with him like any boy, any son with his father. He pulled down my pants and tried to rape me.” The abuse, González said, got worse after that and lasted years. His brother Omar said he too had been sexually abused by Maciel, starting at age 8.

And those a mere sample from just the first page of Google News.  It was taken at random making it a snap shot of the monster not an in depth investigation that would reveal the true horror of this so called religion.

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Utah Governor Signs Controversial Law Charging Women and Girls With Murder for Miscarriages

From Alternet:

By Rose Aguilar, AlterNet
Posted on March 9, 2010, Printed on March 10, 2010

On Monday afternoon, a controversial Utah bill that charges pregnant women and girls with murder for having miscarriages caused by “intentional or knowing” acts, was signed into law by Gov. Gary Herbert.

Contrary to media reports last week, the “Criminal Homicide and Abortion Amendments” or HB12, which previously also applied to miscarriages caused by “reckless” acts, was never “withdrawn” by its sponsor, Republican Representative Carl Wimmer (who is crafting similar “model legislation” for other states). After the governor expressed concern over “possible unintended consequences,” of the legislation as written, Rep. Wimmer swiftly introduced a new version, titled “Criminal Homicide and Abortion Revisions” (HB462), which omitted the word “reckless.” Gov. Herbert signed the new bill and vetoed the old one.

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More Republi-Nazi Bullshit

Anyone who is still in doubt that the Republican Party in the United States is rapidly becoming the party of the Forth Reich and Neo-Confederates is simply ignoring the hateful rhetoric and the Nuremberg Laws that these right wing fucks are foisting upon us.

I found the following story over on Page One Q which linked to the Michigan Messenger:

Scott sticks to plan of targeting transgendered

By Ed Brayton 3/9/10 7:14 AM

At a recent forum for the Republican candidates for Secretary of State, a defiant Rep. Paul Scott refused to back down from his unusual strategy of targeting transgendered people and refusing to allow them to change the gender designation on their driver’s licenses.

As the Messenger previously reported, Rep. Scott entered the race for the Secretary of State job by declaring that he would “make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance.” Asked what problem this was intended to solve, he told the Messenger that it was all about “preventing people who are males genetically from dressing as a woman and going into female bathrooms.”

This left many people scratching their heads, wondering where there might be a public bathroom where they check your driver’s license before you enter. To add to the confusion, he told the Associated Press that the standard for determining one’s gender is that “you are who your DNA says you are.”

At a luncheon hosted by the Gerald Ford Women’s Club in Grand Rapids, Scott acknowledged in an interview that one’s gender designation on a driver’s license is not based on DNA testing. But when asked how he would deal with those whose DNA shows a mixed gender that does not fall easily into line with the simple male or female gender designation, he could only say that we should “take the subjectivity out of it.”

But objectively, there are many people who simply do not fall into those simple two categories. For example, one of every 1000 males are born with Klinefelter’s syndrome, which means rather than the normal XY chromosomal arrangement they have an extra X chromosome and are XXY instead. Such males often have shrunken penis and testicles and enhanced breast development, often leading to serious conflict within those people as to which category — if either — they belong to.

An agitated Scott had little to say about the reality of unclear gender for such people and others with similar kinds of transgender traits, declaring that “whatever you’re designated as when you’re born is what the government should recognize you as — no ambiguity there whatsoever.”

And never mind that reality is, in fact, often ambiguous.

Now there are a number of Any Randite, rugged individualist “classic transsexuals” running around screaming about how I am somehow transgender identified and that if we only separate ourselves from everyone else and be good little gender stereotype reifying heterosexual girls and boys then the big bad Repibli-Nazis and Christo-fascists will only make life impossible for the gender trash and homosexuals.

I don’t know how Nazis like Paul Scott can make it any plainer that this course of action is about as futile as that taken by the Jews in Germany who thought beig a good German and supporting Hitler because the after all there were Jews like the Nazis were stereotyping would save them.  What do these pieces of shit have to do for y’all to wake up?  they are already undoing the legal post-SRS status that permits us to work?  Will you wake up when they tie the message to a brick and heave it through your window?  Put up bill boards?  Oh wait they are already doing that.  Along with it becoming a steady drumbeat on the Christo-fascist radio and television.

One of the right wing Tea Baggers I work with said to me the other day, “The revolution is coming.”

Coming from him..  It means there are people looking forward to another Civil War.

I’m really glad I own a gun and know how to shoot.

Never Again!