Shows with gays could lose Florida tax credit

A lot of people think I am off the wall regarding Republi-Nazis and their cohorts the Brownshirt Tea Baggers and Christo-fascists.  To quote the title of a Sinclair Lewis novel, It Can’t Happen Here.  Except it can.  If Nazism comes to this country it will wrap itself in a flag, carry a Bible and tout “family values”.

From Raw Story:

Florida lawmakers are considering a “family friendly” bill that would deny tax credits to films and television shows with gay characters in favour of those promoting traditional values.

The proposal, which has fuelled a heated controversy for its discriminatory nature, would increase current tax credits from two to five percent of productions costs for shows considered “family friendly.”

Those productions are defined as films or TV shows with a “cross-generational appeal” that includes a “responsible resolution of issues.” Smoking, profanity, nudity and sex are also out, along with what the state’s sex crime laws define as “obscene.”

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3 Responses to “Shows with gays could lose Florida tax credit”

  1. Willow Arune Says:

    I may have mentioned this before but in the USA, over 45% self-identify as “evangelical christians” In Canada, that percentage drops to under 10%.

    Hate to say this, Suzie, but you gotta move north!!!

    And yes, Sinclair Lewis was right on. Or more recently, Philip Roth in “The Plot Against America”. Gotta wonder – why does Israel love the Dominionists – who say they want all Jews to return to Israel so they can either be converted or killed?

    • Suzan Says:

      Evangelical can mean a lot of things. But the core Christo-fascist right wing is about 15% and 80% support the Republican party.

      The Catholics are perhaps worse and are a far larger source of evil both in the US and world wide.

      Much of the dangerous right wing is Corporate fascist in nature and manipulates the ignorant yahoos, using them as brown shirts..

      The bulk of the McMegaChurches are of the nondenominational Evangelical nature and are more about conning the flock in to enriching the church, sort of like Scientology is purported to do.

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    That law was in force before. It was called Enabling Act in Germany in the 33. It makes interesting reading.

    If you think it can´t happen in American, it will.

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