US – Dr Marci Bowers helps helps women escape past of mutilation…

Denver Post 03-07-2010

Trinidad surgeon helps women escape past of mutilation

Karen Auge
The Denver Post

03/07/2010 02:21:56 AM MST

Dr. Marci Bowers slipped into a chair in Exam Room 3, folded one long leg over another, looked at her patienta young woman with wide eyes and a nervous smile — and got to the point.

“We want to help make your life better,” Bowers said.

Mariama is as tiny as the 5-foot-10-inch Bowers is formidable, as soft-spoken as Bowers is confident. Mariama speaks softly and smiles easily, but a few hours with her make clear that her determination is as strong as it is quiet.

She is 26 and lives with her husband and daughter in Virginia, and didn’t want her last name used. Originally, she is from Guinea, a country about the size of Oregon on Africa’s western coast. Guinea has about 10 million residents, and about 96 percent of the women there have, like Mariama, been genitally mutilated.

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One Response to “US – Dr Marci Bowers helps helps women escape past of mutilation…”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    Well done Marci. Thank you for helping those women.

    I am glad to see someone help these women.

    Very few do genuinely help those women.

    Please help more Marci. They need and deserve our help.

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