Anti-Pot Propaganda As Stupid As Ever — Yet Our Alarmist Media Continues to Hype It

From Alternet

Once again mainstream media are running wild with the absurd notion that marijuana use causes psychological problems, despite much evidence to the contrary.

March 4, 2010 |

By Paul Armentano

Once again members of the mainstream media are running wild with the notion that marijuana use causes schizophrenia and psychosis.

To add insult to injury, this latest dose of reefer rhetoric comes only days after investigators in the United Kingdom reported in the prestigious scientific journal Addiction that the available evidence in support of this theory is “neither very new, nor by normal criteria, particularly compelling.” (Predictably, the conclusions of that study went all together unnoticed by the mainstream press.)

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It Must Be Spring

My partner and I are going to the Auto show where we will look at cars we would love to own if only we could pick the right numbers, or rather have the computer pick the right numbers, so that we would hit the Mega-millions.

I look at the eco friendly and high mileage as well as continue to lust for a Mini.  Not that we don’t have a perfectly wonderful car that is actually paid off, a Volkswagen Jetta with all the accouterments that make it a delight, such as XM, heated seats (great for aching backs) and auto dimming rear view mirror.

We are struggling and my promotion last year helps a lot.  We go to a half dozen or so concerts a year, an eclectic mix.  We go to museums to feed our eyes on great art.

We have our favorite restaurants, again an eclectic mix.  A huge screen TV with what has gradually turned into an incredible sound and video system, one component at a time.

We talk about planting a small garden.  I occasionally have Mother Earth Magazine fantasies of raising rabbits or chickens, a product of my childhood in up-state New York, even though I cringe at the thought of actually killing them.

At a time when we as a nation have real un-employment/under-employment hovering some where in the 20-25% range (remember the statistics lie, they only count those receiving un-employment insurance) Tina and I are doing okay.  Not great but getting by to the extent we still get to do some of the things we like such as treat ourselves to books, DVDs and CDs.

It must be Spring.  March Madness is coming on.  Mardi Gras is behind us, Laissez les bon temps rouler.

Today over at Pam’s House Blend, Autumn Sandeen has an article regarding this year’s Michigan Women’s Music Festival:

Now people will do what they do and Camp Trans as well as the protesting of the policies of the MWMF have turned into this annual rite that has been going on for some 15 years or so, just about half as long as the Festival.

As for me and Tina, we are continuing our practice of boycotting the Festival by ignoring it.  I looked at the line-up.  We have CDs by about a third of the artists in one of our CD changers and even though I am a feminist as well as a supporter of women artists half of the performers are people I’ve never heard of.  I’m allergic to pollens and bugs as well as absolutely hate the idea of sleeping on the ground.

So the big question for me is, “Why would I want to go?  Either to attend or to protest?”

I know.  For the same reason Black students sat down at the lunch counters in 1960.  So go if you must.  I don’t get paid vacations where I work and really can’t and wouldn’t go if I could.  There are other places higher on my list of places to go and things to do before I die.

But these days I have other issues.  Un-employment and job discrimination put people with transsexualism or transgenderism in the category of the most likely to be un-employed or under-employed.  Same-sex marriage, ENDA, getting rid of DADT all cry out for money and bodies to engage in political activities.

Across the country individuals and groups are trying to create spaces that offer support for people whose lives have been impacted by having a trans-prefixed word attached to them at some point or time in their life.

One thing I will not do and that is boycott women who perform at MWMF.  Having had my personal struggles to get recognition as a photographer I sort of know how much harder it is for women in the arts to get any venue than it is for men.  I’ve seen wonderful  women artists including Lady Gaga savaged as talentless sluts while dickwads like John Mayer get treated like gods by the men who run the media.

So I’ll still buy and listen to Cris Williamson, Indigo Girls, Holly Near and Toshi Reagon, Marga Gomez etc.

But as for John Mayer…  He is the douche bag of the 21century and I will continue my boycott of him and anything he is involved in.

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