I cringe when ever I hear someone use the term “lifestyle” in connection with LGBT/T people.

It has such ultra right wing Christo-fascist connotations.  Like something an American Goebbels cooked up.

“Lifestyle” in one form of usage has the semiotic of a chosen pattern of consumption, or that is how it is marketed in everything from Vogue and Architectural Digest to Outdoor Life or Outside.

When I share a You Tube video on my weekly feature “Friday Night Fun and Culture”  am sharing a glimpse of my “lifestyle” and if you have been following them over the last few months they tell you something about me, or at the very least about the musical artists I like.

Omnivore, lacto-ova vegetarianism, vegan are lifestyle choices.  They reflect how one relates to food and may reflect a whole greater dimension of ethos including how one feels about animals.

While living frugally is not a lifestyle choice for those who live at the bottom of the socio-economic scale, there are those with disposable income who choose to opt out of the vast corporate driven consumption machine.  For those people simplifying life and living frugally is not a matter of necessity but of choice.

Ironically there is a gay/lesbian lifestyle, a rather well developed one at that,  which overlaps with the world of art and fashion.  One can go to G/L restaurants, watch G/L movies, go to theater featuring L/G performers, buy the out put of L/G artists goe on G/L cruses and live in certain parts of cities where gay men or lesbians cluster.

This is less a case for people with transgenderism and even far less a case for post-SRS women and men.  What do we have that constitutes a culture beyond books, blogs and conferences?

However, the Christo-Fascist right wing does not use lifestyle in the context of an actual life style but rather as a semiotic indicating a pervert who has chosen to be a pervert and who should be stoned to death rather than allowed to live as an equal to cis-gender/sex white heterosexual people.

It bothers me even more when the self proclaimed “classic transsexuals” pull the Christo-Fascist version of the semiotic out of their equally transsexual asses and use it to attack those  post-op transsexual women  who are bisexual or lesbian in their sexual orientation. The sound bite has long been that it was the doctors who required us to become heterosexual through surgery. But the real back story is that we took more shit from our heterosexual sisters in the 1970 than we did from the medical profession regarding our post-SRS sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation like transsexualism and transgenderism are not lifestyle choices.  A lifestyle choice when all are equal affordable is choosing to go on the Nation Magazine Cruise for Progressives vs Carnival Cruise for Families vs Olivia Cruise for lesbians.

There is one thing about the usage of that semiotic and how it is attached to people,  how you use it tells me if I want to be associated with you or not.

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  1. Willow Arune Says:

    Perhaps I may share a small little story…

    A few weeks ago, I needed some lumber for a home renovation. The drill is to go to the order desk, get a slip to pay at the cashier, and then go back to “The Yard” and load up.

    So I go to The Yard with my slip, and a nice woman tells me to go to aisle three and she will help me load. She comes over and we start chatting – I am rather talkative and enjoy meeting another of the same type. One thing led to another and apropos something I said “My partner, Sonia…”.

    The woman smiled, took off her work gloves and held out her hand. “Hi, Sister”, she said. We agreed to get together with our partners at a later date and exchanged telephone numbers.

    But back to the “classic transsexuals” who are anti-Lesbian. Are there many of them down there? You have raised this issue before and I don’t think I have ever run into this type… Thankfully…

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