Trannie Bashing: Ann Coulter

Make no mistake about what I am going to say.

I hate Ann Coulter and everything she stands for.  The only positive thing I can say I have learned from anything she has ever written is how to edit potentially sketchy material to somewhat libel proof it within the US.

I have long read her as being either transsexual or transgender, most probably the former.  I have wondered why with her money she hasn’t had certain work done.

That said many of the things Ann Coulter says in attacking certain people remind me of all too many of the “classic transsexuals” and their reification of ultra conservative standards regarding matters of sexuality as well as masculinity and femininity.  Live by the sword, die by the sword.  The poison one puts out has a way coming back.

Therefore I should perhaps consider it poetic justice when Keith Olbermann lays into Ann Coulter and trannie bashs her.

See Raw Story:

Olbermann says he backs Ann Coulter living ‘his’ life as a woman

By David Edwards
Friday, February 19th, 2010 — 9:00 am

In a column about Iran’s potential nuclear capability, Ann Coulter also criticized Keith Olbermann, Richard Wolffe and Rachel Maddow.

In response, in a segment about those he disagrees with — which he turned on its head Thursday night — Keith Olbermann dubbed legendary conservative maven Ann Coulter a “guy.”

“Our winner” of the not worst person in the world segment, Olbermann declared, was “Coultergeist.”

“Of me, [Coulter] writes, ‘after donning his mother’s housecoat, undergarments and fuzzy slippers,’ then, ‘Olbermann’s even creepier sidekick androgynous Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe,’ then, ‘his most macho guest Rachel Maddow.””

Olbermann noted what he called “Coulter’s continuing self-relevatory obsession with sexual identity,” and said her writing “really suggests a helluva back story in her own life.”

“All I have to say about Ann Coulter is this,” the MSNBC host quipped. “If this guy wants to live his life as a woman I’m going to back his choice up 100 percent. Coultergeist, today’s not worst person in the world.”

This is ugly and vile on the part of Keith Olbermann, a commentator I generally respect.  I am glad I opted to watch the Winter Olympics instead.  A couple of years ago Keith’s enthusiasm regarding Obama and near misogyny regarding Clinton caused me to tune him out for months.

All I can think of regarding this attack on Ann Coulter is that trannie bashing is one of the last forms of bigotry permitted among otherwise progressive left wing people whether it is from feminists or from male lefties or even from gays and lesbians.  It is still acceptable to use someone’s being either transsexual or transgender as a club to beat them up with.

Would Keith have used race if Ann Coulter were a person of color?  Would he have lesbian bashed her if she were a closet lesbian?

Outing when done by Mike Rogers, who regularly outs closeted gays who are engaged in actions harmful to the LGBT/T communities shows how the facts can be stated without using them in a manner that closely resembles the actions of those who brutally attack and injure LGBT/T people.

Keith engaged in an ugly form of bigotry and hatred.

Today’s Worst Person in the World:  Keith Olbermann

4 Responses to “Trannie Bashing: Ann Coulter”

  1. Véronique Says:

    This isn’t the first time Keith Olbermann, whom I normally like, has revealed his transphobic side. He seems not to learn from all his previous transphobic failures. When he starts in on trans people, that’s the only time I wish he would STFU.

  2. Willow Arune Says:

    I developed an interest in American politics when I lived in the USA for five years. This lingering interest sees me watching COUNTDOWN often.

    I was thus watching when Keith Olbermann demonstrated his most negative side with his attempt at humour directed at Ann Coulter. Heaven knows I dislike Coulter and her views to politics. I normally would be delighted with any barb aimed at her.

    But in this instance, Keith was way off base. His attempt at humour was indeed transphobic and thus totally out of line.

    In a way, it feels worse when someone like Keith makes this sort of mistake. One expects it of Beck, O’Rilley and the others at FOX. But not from the generally intelligent commentators (They must be – I agree with them!) at MSNBC.

  3. translegalhistorian Says:

    Personally, Coulter has always struck me as intersexed. Honestly though, this opinion has been colored by a belief that the people she shills for, while fine with self-loathing closeted non-trans gay men and women who make their livings by working against the best interests of themselves and those like them, would not tolerate a similarly-situated transsexual woman.

    None of that, however, alters my disappointment with Olbermann. There was plenty of legit ammo to use on Carrie Prejean without that transphobic crap that Michael Musto came up with on Countdown – that Olberman lauged at.

    • Suzan Says:

      As I said I did learn when to use alleged and source potentially sketchy material from Ann’s writing which is over the top when it comes to rants.

      The transphobic attacks on her aren’t really about her. Rather they are using transsexual or transgender as something to be ashamed of and as a vile weapon of attack.

      The fact that they have that power means they could be used to hurt anyone who is either transsexual or transgender be they pre, post or never going under the knife.

      I don’t agree with Coulter’s message, but I’ve know some left wing women who I would have followed in to battle (Bernadine Dohrn) who have put out some pretty fucking outrageous rants too. When “Trannie” can be used to shut anyone down it has a tendency to silence those for whom it is a real issue.

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