Politicians who support gay marriage are not Catholic, says Cardinal

Because we all know what grand arbitrators the Arch Diocese of Boston is.

Tell me about the statutory homosexual rape so many priest engaged in again.

I refuse to vote for anyone who represents the Hitler Youth Pope and not the interests of the American people.

The Catholic Church is a fraud, a criminal enterprise filled with lying scumbag con artists.

No gods, No masters.

From The Boston Pilot


By Carol Glatz

Posted: 2/17/2010

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Public officials who openly support same-sex marriage cannot consider themselves to be Catholic, said an Italian cardinal.

“It’s impossible to consider oneself a Catholic if that person in one way or another recognizes same-sex marriage as a right,” said Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of Bologna.

The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, reprinted a portion of a doctrinal note the cardinal released Feb. 14 concerning “Marriage and Homosexual Unions.” The note, which appeared in full on the archdiocese’s Web site, was aimed at helping enlighten Catholics in public office so that “they would not make choices that would publicly contradict their affiliation with the church,” he wrote.

Catholic politicians must not only promote the common good; they also “have a serious duty to make sure their beliefs, thoughts and proposals concerning the common good are consistent,” he wrote.

“It’s impossible for the Catholic faith and support for putting homosexual unions on equal footing with marriage to coexist in one’s conscience — the two contradict each other,” said the note.

Even more serious would be the case of a Catholic lawmaker who introduces a measure or votes in favor of a law that supports gay marriage, he said. “This is a publicly and gravely immoral act,” he wrote.

If a Catholic official were to ever implement or enforce such a law, “God forbid, we will, at the proper moment, give the necessary directives,” he wrote.

Cardinal Caffarra, who holds a number of positions in the Roman Curia including as a member of the Pontifical Council for the Family, the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Vatican’s highest tribunal, known as the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature, wrote that the consequences of same-sex marriage would be “devastating.”

“One of the pillars of our legal order — marriage as a public good — would crumble,” he wrote.

“The state’s legal order must not be neutral on marriage and homosexual unions just as it can’t be (neutral) on the common good: society owes its survival to families founded on marriage, not homosexual unions,” he wrote.

The cardinal also said allowing same-sex couples to adopt children would seriously hinder the child’s proper development because, without a mother and a father, the child would lack a male and female role model.

A consultor for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Franciscan Father Maurizio Faggioni, said the issue is not new and was addressed by the congregation in its 2003 document, “Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions between Homosexual Persons.”

The document detailed the arguments against legal recognition of same-sex unions and asked lawmakers to fight growing movements to legalize gay marriage.

Father Faggioni said the church teaches respect for homosexual individuals and their rights as people, such as the right to employment and freedom from unjust discrimination.

“However, for the church, gay marriage is not part of an individual’s rights,” he told Catholic News Service Feb. 16.

Wanting to put a homosexual union on par with a marriage between a man and a woman “is unacceptable,” he said.

However, he said, supporting gay marriage laws would not incur excommunication since that sanction is reserved to extremely serious crimes like abortion or abuse of the sacraments.

The church seeks to encourage Catholic politicians to be inspired by church teaching and be consistent with what they believe and do, he said.

“Otherwise why would someone still call himself a Catholic if he is not inspired by the magisterium?” he said.

3 Responses to “Politicians who support gay marriage are not Catholic, says Cardinal”

  1. dianakat Says:

    The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. just announced it would end its foster care program because the District now will permit equal marriage rights. And thus the church again puts its conservative politics over its social mission.

    Why on earth does this political entity still enjoy its favored tax treatment?

    • Suzan Says:

      What I find amazing is how they are afraid that their bigotry could cause them to be considered a hate group They rationalize their hatred using the same twisted logic that causes jihadis to strap on a belt of death and blow themselves up in suicide-murder.

      The magic invisible bully in the sky told me to do this.

      How is this any different from the Son of Sam claiming the dog told him to do it? He should have plead dyslexia and said “Did I say the dog told me to kill? I meant god told me.”

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    The pope who likes to tell his bishops to refuse to co-operate with authorities when priests are caught raping children on a daily basis, now wants to attack gays.
    For how the church operates in its care of children see. http://www.childabusecommission.ie/

    I dread to think what they will do with gays. Most likely it will be constant raping on a daily basis.

    This is what I say to Papa Adolf 2.

    (“Papa disciplines his naughty children”, by Andrea B)

    Vedi, Veni, Reni, Recti, Peni, Penetrati-Rectum.

    I ze Pope Ben-e-dick-i-rectum, RECTUMFUHRER of ze Holyiest Catholic church hereby issuze zis papal bull(shit).

    Vi have consulted vit mein RECTUMFUHRER, Ze Cardinalz Himmler och Cardinalz Bormann at ze Reichstag here in Uber Berlin, now known as Rome.

    Vi hav dezided thatz zome grupps are not under ze control of de Reich. Zat iz unaceptable.

    Az of today, zis will be law for alt in ze United Kingdom.

    Ve deal with ze Britizher degenerate pigdogs und undermensch, firsta. Den Vi vill hav ze Operation Barbarossa and deal vith ze Soviet menace und create ze living room for ze pure.

    I RECTUMFUHRER Ben-E-Dick-i-Rectum declar zat ze degenerate homosexual and transsexual menace vil hav to report till ze nu Ghetto for de degenerates i ze Shetland Islands.

    Tranzportation vil be provided to all degenerates till ze nu high living standard ghetto. All nu living quarters hav been superiorly designed by ze master race to giv appropiate living conditions til ze degenerates.

    Du vill liv in ze Ghetto area. Du vil not be permitted to congregate vit normalt people as du may cause ze extinction of alt master race liv, which iz unaceptable. Der impurity muzt not be allowed to pollute und deztroy ze master race.

    Alt ze Parishez vil pray away ze gayz. Maz vil be held daily til prayz avay ze gayz.

    Ze Uber Godz, Adolf Hitler vil lizten to ze prayerz av ze pure, praying awyz ze gayz.

    Ze youngest and prettiest med ze tightest rectums, vill be selected for special treatment und hav special houzing and treatment. Zey vil be houzed in ze special parochial houses which vill serve as brothels for ze rightous members of ze orders und god fearing priestz of ze church of ze master race.

    Alt degenerates vil report to ze local priest, vare zu will submit to anal examination i de Anal Stretze examination suite i parochial howze. Zu degenerates vil den report til ze cattle truckz for immediate deportation to your nu life in efter du hav entered ze specialz showerz.

    Vit regard to ze tranzzexual und transveztited degenerates, zey vill also be housed within ze ghetto immediately. Those degenerates vad vish till hav der genitalz removed vil report to ze Cardinal Paul McHugh, Cardinal Ray Blanchard, Trainee mother supperior Anne Lawrence, Cardinal James Cantor, Cardinal Kenneth Zucker, Mother superior Maxine Petersen, Sister Susan Bradley, Cardinal Martin Kafka und Cardinal Kenneth Zucker at ze deviant research centre.

    Those who wish to dress as women may only do so efter completion of compliance tests, in the confines of ze ghetto und vil submit zer rectums fir tightnez examination. Unholyz lack of tightnezz which vil reduce priest enjoyment, vil earn ze degenerate a ticket to jump zee queue til ze nu showerz, leading to ze better ghetto for dem.

    Az a church ve cannot allow ze homosexualz, tranzzexualz und transveztited degenerates til hav access to ourz mozt holy church, as ve have far too many as it is. De Hav spied on uz for to long und vil be removed til ze ghetto, zo vi hav security und purity in our holy orderz. Zer minority is to much i ze priesthood. Ze paedophiles feelz uncomfortable at ze rizing numbers of non-paedophiles, which is ze desgrazeful situation. Vi must increaze ze number of ze paedophiles i ze church, so az til maintain ze normal balanz i ze holyz church.

    Ze confortz av ze paedophile muzt be maintained at allz cozt. Ze discomfort of ze degenerates muzt be increased at allz costs. They muzt writh in ze pain.

    If ve were to allow any homosexual i ze Catholic seminary, ze church would be in a sorry state. Ve hav rules, prozeedures and years of demented study before you can be accepted into our men’s club. They muzt be completed. Vi muz have homosexuals in denial only. Vi can not hav homosexuals who are comfortable with zemzelves. Zey vould go to zes authorities about ourz paedophilia und expose uz.

    Ve cannot allowz just anyone to vear ze dress ezpecially tranzzexual und transveztited degenerates. It took me over 70 years before i could vear expensive hand krafted dresses all ze time. I prefer white, ze purple und red really didn’t suit mine colouring und clashes med min red patent shoes. I vas partial to ze inspiring brown shirtz ven i vas younger und vil someday se ze return of ze brown shirtz.

    If homosexual and tranzzexualz und transveztited people vant to enter ze church and achieve ze high office, well ze vill just have to do as ve all did. Seminary, college, study, vorking in poor parishes, looking after altar boys, raping them, singing Kumbaya vith ze childrens choir, condemning single mothers, ostracising openly homosexualz, etc. Ze cannot expect just to walk in and take over…ze must follow ze code. Mozt importantly, no von muzt find out zu are ein paedophile.


    Ze role of vomen i ze church vil stay regulated to being abused, treated as zubhuman, Zerving ze Master Race und breeding ze next generation of pure bloodz aryan soldiers til populate ze nu lands vi vil aquire i ze east by ze conquest.

    Finallzy. Ze age of consent i ze vatican vil be lovered til 2 from ze present 12. Ze young vil learn earlier til comply til ze masters vishes.


    Nu bend over und ze vil purified.

    Ze Holynezz

    Pope Ben-e-dick-i-rectum, Rectumfuhrer Benedict (Jo Ratzinger)

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