The DSM is Both Political and Neo-Religiious Crap

There are way too many psychiatrists.  It is a glutted field filled with people often times better suited to the field of rapidly preparing ground meat preparations, French fries and shakes.

The DSM is their Bible, literally not figuratively speaking it is filled with quasi-religion based judgments.

It is as much a tool aimed at enforcing the misogynistic rule of the patriarchy and the ruling elite as is religion.

Forget Transsexualism for a moment.  Consider Asperger’s syndrome or as I call it the nerd/bookworm syndrome.  The Japanese have a different word “otaku”.  It describes a non conformist really into a specialized field of study, often with little outside of the world of fandom for corporate interests to exploit.

Non-conformity itself is considered a sign of mental illness.

Hell I consider non-conformity an act of rebellion against the slave owners of the rich corporate elite who would rather have us act as money producing robots who work and consume mindlessly like drone bees and worker ants.

Marching to the beat of a different drummer and doing your own thing without harm to others was why I was considered a hippie.

I can’t help but remember how as recently as the 1960s women who didn’t conform to the role of possessed by father until a bride and then a slave to her husband women were subject to having their mental health questioned.

The removal of gay and lesbianism from the DSM was not based on some arcane form of scientific research coming up with a genetic marker showing innateness the way so many transsexuals seem to hope will happen for transsexualism.  Oh no.  Homosexuality was removed from the DSM because queers stormed the gates of their gatherings with figurative pitch forks and torches.

In the words of the old IWW slogan, “Direct Action Gets the Goods.”

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