Women Born Transsexual Celebrates its First Birthday

I thought it might be an appropriate time to show what I looked like one year post SRS.  This photo was taken in MacArthur Park during the late spring of 1973.

One year and I have had close to 67.000 hits.

I have had Tina’s critical eye as an editor of my sometimes written at 6:00 am before work posts.  She has helped me become a far better writer than I would be without her critical ear and eye for punctuation.  She has curbed my Beat desire to write long unpunctuated sentences.

I would like to thank Andrea Brown for her contributions. Her often incendiary and well documented posts have shown light into dark places and have exposed exaggerations as well as flat out lies that people tell because they are in denial of the truth of their transsexualism and think an unbelievable fiction is preferable.

I also wish to thank Andrea James for promoting my blog on her most excellent web site.

I want to thank Sharon Gaughan and Lisa Jain Thompson of TS-SI for both promoting my blog and publishing my opinion pieces.  I know they have taken a lot of heat as I  have long been a source of controversy.

Feministe for its “Shameless Sunday Promotions”

Questioning Transphobia for making me question some of my own thinking.

I’ve angered some readers who expected me to take their “classic transsexual” and others who expect me to accept what I see as absurd word games regarding the whole construct of transgender as umbrella.

I hope that over the next year the blog will continue to grow and for that I owe those of you who read this blog and link to it a big thank you.

9 Responses to “Women Born Transsexual Celebrates its First Birthday”

  1. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    Congratulations Suzy Cutie!

    All the best and continuing success (and productivity). We need your voice and experience.

  2. Lisa Jain Thompson Says:

    What a long, strange trip it has been since the late sixties in California.

    Your photo looks familiar.

    Someone I would have talked to if we had been in the same room, or coffee shop, or concert.

    But no geoloc comes to mind along the continuum.

    I wonder what we will be doing at 100 …. and where.

  3. Véronique Says:

    Happy first blogiversary! Great photo too.

  4. Lisa Harney Says:

    Congrats on the milesetone, Suzan.

  5. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    Congratulations sister!


  6. Andrea Says:

    Looking good suzy:)

  7. Helen G Says:

    Happy bloggiversary and best wishes for the next year!

  8. Rachel Tortolini Says:

    Brava Suzy!
    Love your work. Congrats on your first anniversary. May the Goddess bless you with many more years.
    Sarah Seton ;}

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