The Nature of This Blog

This Blog is not a forum for open ended discussions.

The open ended forum for anything goes discussions is called the Usenet.

A Blog is not a mailing list.  It has articles chosen by an editor and often written by that editor or by people chosen by that editor.

Some Blogs are more open to allowing comments from any and all than others are.

This is my blog.  I exercise the editorial control.

It is bad form to come here and speak negatively regarding people I consider friends.

I do not encourage ad hominem attacks.

Some people are on permanent moderation because of either pissing me off or because of their general reputations.

The wonderful thing about the internet and world of blogging is that if you do not like my rules you are free to start your own blog.

Of course that is more work than just trolling and using other people’s blogs that they have worked to create to engage in irrelevant to a given thread attacks on people not mentioned in the article that headed up the thread.

One Response to “The Nature of This Blog”

  1. tinagrrl Says:

    You mean I can’t “hijack” this blog?

    I can’t use your forum to promote ideas I have that are directly opposed to yours?


    Just because y’all have banned us from posting on your lists, just because some of you have launched vicious attacks against us, we are supposed to cheerfully accept you here — right?

    WOW!!! Isn’t that just wonderful, just swell — golly gee.

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