Tom Joad

This Blog is nearly one year old.  It has been through some changes.  Lots of people who came here at first are now denouncing me on their own blogs and over on TS-SI.

They are saying I betrayed them because I don’t embrace “classic transsexual” or HBS.  People are upset because while I think transsexualism is a form of intersex I haven’t believed Ayn Randian, individualist claims of special exemption due to “I’m not really like other transsexuals, I’m really intersex”” since Agnes story turned out to be a manufactured tale that got her SRS in the late 1950s.

I have been attacked as a traitor because people expected WBT to expend a lot of energy attacking transgender people and I refuse to. Transsexualism and transgenderism are different but when it come to oppression we are all “trannie queer gender trash”.

A lot of the expectations of my taking some sort of militantly anti-transgender stance and throwing the same shit at transgender folks as the Christo-Fascist right comes from where I was at for a short while about 9-10 years back when I was getting sober and in the aftermath of 9/11 and not reflective of a lifetime of left wing activism on my part.

I moved back to the left thanks to reading people like the late Howard Zinn and from revulsion towards the hate that was being spewed by the “classic transsexual” faction. Tina also played a major role in telling me how unbecoming my involvement in the near Fascism of the conservatives was and in reminding me of my basic working class New Deal Democratic roots.

When I am asked why I believe certain things and why I am a militant lefty, an anarchist, I joke and say, “It’s all Pete Seeger’s fault.” But I could as easily blame it on Joe Hill or Woody Guthrie and John Steinbeck.

A couple of years ago Tina and I watched the move Grapes of Wrath, and I recalled Tom Joad’s soliloquy.

Now Woody Guthrie saw the movie and wrote the following song.  After hearing it Steinbeck said, “Woody managed to tell the story that took me some 400 pages in about 6 minutes.

Some times on a lot of matters I think this might be a better world if  instead of asking “What would John Galt do?” we asked “What would Tom Joad do?”

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  1. Véronique Says:

    The reasons you cite above that elicit disdain from some others are reasons for me to keep reading your blog and keep a link to it on my blogroll. Thank you! You’ve been an inspiration to me.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    Will someone please explain exactly WHAT a “Classic Transsexual” actually is?

    Who, and how do you define it?

    As far as left and right — after 9/11 I was red hot, violently angry. It was the kind of anger that had me wanting to turn Afghanistan into mountains of glass. I wanted us to bomb them back BEFORE the stone age was even a glimmer.

    As the entire Bush era began to unfold, as the insanity of Iraq became apparent, I moved further and further left.

    For many, many years I was a sort of center right, wishy-washy not quite liberal conservative. I bought into all of the American propaganda, saw much of the left wing stuff as clap-trap.

    It was Billy Clinton’s center-right, anti-welfare, stance that first woke me up. All of a sudden, I would see throngs of young, healthy men hanging out on street corners during the middle of the day, during mid-week. It became clear we had abandoned an entire generation. That is not only wrong, it’s also un-American.

    People I knew in AA, who were sober, and working, getting their lives in order, were reduced to working off the books, scamming, just to get by. Another case of un-American realities.

    The dot-com crash, then GWB, then 9/11 (which seemed to save his failing Presidency), followed by our insane gyrations to attack Iraq — all to a drumbeat from Fox “News” — and the attacks on folks like Ward Churchill and The Dixie Chicks, really woke me up .

    This was not the America I studied, loved, and had great hope for. This was that other America, the one that rears its ugly head in times of turmoil, change, insecurity. Our fearmongering Government, with the crazy “security alerts” (that seemed to come whenever Bush took a severe hit in popularity) did not help in any way. We were told to “go shopping” — there was no sense of shared sacrifice — it was all guns AND butter — with the super-rich getting more than their share of the butter.

    There was something wrong.

    As a result, I’ve moved more and more left. This is NOT the America I’ve hoped for, not the America I saw growing over the years. It’s very , very sad.

    In some ways, much of this “I’m more woman than you.”, “I’m a more ‘real’ transsexual than you.”, stuff is another symptom of our societal malaise.

  3. Willow Arune Says:

    I am glad that your position is as it is…

    I must confess – I watch MSNBC. Mathews, Olbermann and MAddow. That sets out my political bias rather clearly. Fox (News?) I abhor. The lessons of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars remain deep.

    As to TSity, I have watched for many years as the Sisters of Transsexual Purity attacked various groups and people. Some of that was due to a theory, or a guess. The behavior of the three leaders and their mob followers was worse than anything I had expected. Not one thread of decency, not any conscience. This was directed not only at the four professionals, but at anyone who voiced the slighted opinion that differed from the required cant. They attacked other transsexuals, always seeking some definition that would keep them and their friends inside the tent and force all others outside.

    Much of their anger was directed at other transgendered. Well, that battle has in fact been going for some time, back and forth with some blame on both sides. I was pleased when the Cornbury Society in Vancouver opened its doors to transsexuals while the rigid thing that was Zenith Foundation, admitting only transsexuals – and those of a certain type – folded after some last twitches of hatred.

    Some types, one things of SAR in San Diego and JU in SF, insult any who do not come up to their “standards” SAR threatened to kill Autumn Sandeen, a remarkable display of ugliness but not unusual for that person. JU, after parading her superiority, was discovered living in a rent assisted flea bag hotel – the Mission (or Vice) Hotel in SF, one room fully equipped with bedbugs. These were the Internet princesses of TS Purity, amongst others. Fools followed these bigots in some need to claim a loftier status than anyone else. The claims were unreal. JU, who transitioned in her fifties, claimed to be a “true transsexual. SAR, another late times, suddenly announce she was intersexed with XXY, having fathered children. Medical miracles, each and every one.

    You and I, Suzan, have ended up on the same side of this issue. I suspect there is some lesson in that for each of us.


  4. Willow Arune Says:

    Most certainly there are nasty people in any group of more than two people. And there are those in all groups who double cross and play both ends against the middle.
    There are more than enough of these types in every camp, cheerfully tending the fires. The horrid thing is how many listen to such types….

  5. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    Suzan, it is always interesting – and a pleasure – to hear what you have to say. Whether it was 10+ years ago or right now, it is all the same to me.

    Please keep writing. You have a lot to share.

  6. Teri Says:

    I recognize some familiar names and initials here from the late 90s message boards. I remember watching the ugly flame wars that burned down those same so-called support groups. I was there occasionally peaking in as Tara Robins an anonymous name you may not remember or recognize. It was a time when I was trying to understand these odd cross gendered feelings. Who and what I was.

    I knew I had to somehow do something about these strange feelings. But I sure didn’t want to be like anyone there all bitter and fighting to justify there actions. A crazy bunch fighting over who was more woman like some bickering schoolyard boys.

    It made me try harder to suppress any notion of transitioning. And yet how do you stop when you so desperately need the world to see who you really are? But I tried not to because I really had no desire to end up like anyone there.

    Eventually I did transition and found the real world so much more accommodating and such a nicer place to be than anything associated with the trans community. Recently I felt I needed to reconnect with trans folk and the more I did the more I wondered just how messed up are we? How much semantic BS do we have to wade through to accept ourselves and others for who we are? Is it possible to let people define themselves without resorting to mud slinging?

  7. Willow Arune Says:


    Yes, I can certainly understand that….

    We tend to “grow up”. When we start out, we are rather obnoxious. The earlier in transition you are, the more you know is right. As you grow, you realize that most of what you knew is wrong. Gradually you even forget to educate everyone you meet and just get on with life. That applies to most, but not all. Some are frozen in time, still carrying on feuds that they pursued years ago. I think as you become more comfortable in your new life, you loose the need to defend all your decisions and just get on with life.

    There are some that will never grow in this manner. The “professional transsexuals” that make a business of being what they are, the fanatics who huddle under the banner of (as I call it) the “Sisters of Transsexual Purity”. They never become anything different, and we each know a few of

    Having had my share of attacks, and stupidly replied to some of those in kind, I am glad to have crossed over.

    A site you might wish to visit is:

    This is for all — TS/TV/ any variation. For the grown-ups, if you will. No bull about who does and does not belong, no nonsense about who is superior to who. Barb Hudson started it up a short time ago…


  8. Willow Arune Says:

    Opps! Sorry. It shall not happen again…

  9. Teri Says:

    No thanks Willow. Surely you’re aware of how poor your reputation is among trans circles. As is just about everyone associated with the vitriol of the old alt-srs-support and alt tg support groups. It really seemed as if everyone there lived to fight with each other. I had to wonder how many actually lived in the “real” world.

    It didn’t take long to see how sad these so-called support groups were. I left just around the time you started posting to those burnt out battle grounds. You had relevant things to say but soon succumbed to the anger and hate there and became a part of what destroyed it.

    Sadly there were no new insights only people justifying their need to exist as woman at the expense of others. This may piss some off but I never saw anyone there that acted or seemed like a “real woman” just a lot of bickering over who were “real transsexuals”. People wanting a “real life” but not knowing how to find one.

    Feel free not to call me a transsexual real or otherwise. I use it for medical purposes only with my doctors. I may never have SRS, but that does not give any “real transsexual” the right to dismiss my womanhood and call me a man. I do not live as a man. I do not love my penis. I didn’t transition because of some fetish or phelia. I’m not some bitter sour puss hiding my “real” identity. I’m not pushing some hidden agenda. I identify and live as a woman. I’m just a woman who once lived as a man which is something many of us share.

    If “real, classic, intense, primary, whatever transsexuals” want respect and support for their rights and medical needs then they need to support and respect the rights and medical needs of trans women who just live as women without the surgery. That doesn’t mean we want to the right to share showers and woman’s spaces of undress. Lets get “real” here, anyone who still has there male parts shouldn’t be exposing them in such places. Most of us would be mortified to have our junk seen. It’s not something we are proud of.

    Trans woman aren’t using woman’s restroom facilities for some perverse desires, to spy, or go woo hoo look where I’m peeing. And most of us don’t go in public advertising our male history or our hidden junk. I’m not trying to promote some third gender either. Most of us do our best just to blend in as any other woman not because we are delusional, sick, or mentally ill. We are women because that is how we identify and feel most comfortable. I hope folks will respect that.

    Give respect and get respect. Abuse it and it takes a long time to gain it back.

    • Suzan Says:

      I’ve never responded well to coercive diktats regarding things I “must” do.

      Appeal to my sense of justice and fair play and I might even drag my old bones to a demonstration as long as it doesn’t involve a beating and arrest. At my age it takes too long for the bruises to heal.

      The identity politics of “community” have been so destructive of actually working together I sometimes wonder if the idea of “community” wasn’t cooked up by Cointelpro.

      It certainly isn’t the “beloved community” from the days of SNCC.

      The “Transgender as umbrella” paradigm has if anything been a destroyer of any ability to actually work together for common goals as it has produced far more in group fighting and horizontal oppression among the people it is supposed to unite than it has any form of collective action.

  10. Willow Arune Says:

    Well, Teri, anyone drawn into the fires of the Great Transsexual Wars has suffered in reputation, in my opinion. As to “”, that indeed was a horrid place – from start to finish. It gave no support and was a joke. And that was true within a month of its formation.

    I can assure you that I do indeed live in a real world. And in many of not all ways, I agree with the principles set out in your post. I was never with the “Sisters of Transsexual Purity” and always felt that there should be cooperation with other transgendered types. If you go back in time, you will find that those comments incurred the ire of the Sisters (several in particular). Perhaps I was wrong to defend what now seems to be your position in such a group. Probably so. Nor did I ever follow the true transsexual line, which others on this NG did. And admittedly, at times I did loose my temper.

    If you had been a member of and made the comments you have here, you would have been attacked as I . Perhaps you took the wiser course of keeping to yourself and leaving. In the alternative, you might have spoken up and added your views restoring some balance to the situation. I have never stated that to be a “true transsexual” one had to have SRS. That is the position of one JU and others who hang out there. Indeed, I have never supported the concept of a “true transexual” which is what caused most of the attacks on me. Your support would have been appreciated.

    I am surprised always by the transsexual women who are afraid to speak out, to let their views be known. Instead, we leave the podium to the Sisters and that becomes our public image. So many have written to me in private, but will not make any public comment. Alice Dreger has had much the same experience. There is fear, even now…

    A person writing under the name Cloudy recently contacted me. She does not wish to be known under her real name as she is already a target of one AJ (as is posted on TS Roadmap – “find her for me”, writes AJ). Her sin was writing a short paper supporting many of Blanchard’s views. If people are afraid to voice their opinions in public, what type of “community” do we have? Rational discussion has been stymied by fear – fear of being attacked by our so-called sisters. And that, I strongly suggest, is simply wrong.

    I suggest the difference between you and I, and between Cloudy and myself, is that I stood up and spoke under my own name, openly. I did not hide my opinions which, as already stated, are parallel with yours. That made me the target for a number of very ugly types and yes, on occasion I returned fire with fire. But I did not genuflect to those that attacked me and voice support of their views.

    I have lived in this northern community for almost nine years now. My real life is that of a woman. Reputation? In my community, a fun old bat who enjoys life. On the Internet, trashed by the Sisters of Transsexual Purity, which bothers me not one whit or titlle.

    • Suzan Says:

      We don’t have “a” community. We have many communities.

      Willow… FYI.. I’m friends with Andrea James and Lynn Conway. Speaking badly of them is frowned upon by me.

  11. karen A Says:

    On 02/07/2010 at 3:06 PM Teri wrote:
    I recognize some familiar names and initials here from the late 90s message boards. I remember watching the ugly flame wars that burned down those same so-called support groups. I was there occasionally peaking in as Tara Robins an anonymous name you may not remember or recognize.

    I remember… BTW in the mid 90’s some of the newsgroups were not bad places… at least not as bad as they became by the late 90s.

    – Karen

  12. karen A Says:

    On 02/08/2010 at 1:22 PM Teri wrote:
    This may piss some off but I never saw anyone there that acted or seemed like a “real woman” just a lot of bickering over who were “real transsexuals”.

    There were more people there than you remember…
    Yes there were nut cases and a lot of insecurity, but many others were there too. They were not the major “players” but they were there for a good while, and were and are pretty grounded…

    – Karen

  13. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    I did time on the very same groups mentioned here. And it was just that: doing time. Leaving that behind, along with the mail lists was the best thing I could have done at the time.

    Those venues had become static and self-referential, intolerant of dissent and hostile to growth.

    The grandchildren of such places exist today, maintaining the same dead end of human possibility.

  14. Andrea Says:


    Alice Dreger is a transphobic bigot who is so biased against transsexual people she is literally tilting at windmills.

    As for Andrea James. She has been more measured towards Alice Dreger than a lot of other people. I think Andrea James stood up for a lot of people and gave people a common point to rally around against a bigot as did Lynn Conway.

    Dreger’s attacks on others have been completely unwarrented. She was able to dish it out. She should have known that she would have to take it in return.

    The days of shrinks and there allies imposing there religeous dogma on transsexual people are starting to end. They can no longer impose there hatred of the existance of transsexual people onto transsexual people and not expect to have transsexual people come right back at them.

    There divide and conquer method of getting TS people to fight each other is falling apart. There religeous dogma masquerading as science is being exposed.

    There days are coming to an end.

    For my opinion of Dreger see.


    Click to access

  15. tinagrrl Says:

    Teri writes: “If “real, classic, intense, primary, whatever transsexuals” want respect and support for their rights and medical needs then they need to support and respect the rights and medical needs of trans women who just live as women without the surgery.”


    What does one thing have to do with the other?

    There are folks out there who actually want to BAN SRS. There are folks who say it’s not necessary, is “experimental”, leads to “regrets”, etc., etc., etc.

    To be on the sidelines when folks call for the abolition of SRS, because you may never want or need it, is just plain wrong.

    Now, you may be able to persuade me that supporting your rights is the moral, ethical, and correct thing to do — it is a matter of humanity, after all — but, please do not say it’s all tied in together. There is no “transgender umbrella”.

    One fact of transsexuality is an intense drive toward surgery, a drive that becomes an overwhelming need.

    Respect runs both ways, but there is no quid pro quo.

    If you are a pre-op, it is important to support the rights of post-ops — just in case you ever want to be one. If you are transgender/non-op, it does no one any good to tie your rights in with those of post-ops or pre-ops who are surgery tracked.

    I support your rights as a human being. I support your right to live as you wish — but — if you are saying I MUST support either a transgender ideology, or the extremes reached by some right-wing-transsexual folks, we are at odds.

    After all, those ideologies all BEGIN with YOU MUST!!

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  16. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    Teri said: If “real, classic, intense, primary, whatever transsexuals” want respect and support for their rights and medical needs then they need to support and respect the rights and medical needs of trans women who just live as women without the surgery. …”

    As a matter of shared information, Teri, what are specific “… medical needs …” that you speak of.

  17. Teri Says:


    I’m not afraid of voicing my opinions in public. The fact that I never spoke up in your defense was never out of of fear of reprisal. Those occasional times I visited your posts I often didn’t agree with you, especially in regards to your support of the Baily Blanchrrd model of autogynephilia. It’s attempt to categorize all late transitions with some fetishistic paraphilia just doesn’t fit why I transitioned. It’s BS. Secondly I wanted no part of your war with the house of Usher. Debating with mentally unstable people serves no purpose. What did you gain from any of it?

    Sadly Alt-SRS-Support became the house of Usher and like Poe’s classic story was destroyed by Usher. A truly miserable argumentative soul who probably never learned to smile.

    I’m glad you have a comfortable real life but yes your internet presence is indeed trashed. I hope you can accept some of the responsibility for that. Lastly I am also on friendly terms with Andrea James and Lynn Conway. Not buddies but we have had amicable correspondence over the years and I do respect them.

    Good luck counselor you may have the last word.

  18. Teri Says:

    Karen A,

    It’s good to see your name again. You’re a kind soul whose attempts at constructive dialog and peace will always be remembered. Thanks for being a friend during a time when I was trying to figure all this out. You’re a wonderful woman.

  19. Teri Says:

    Tinagrrl, et al,

    I doubt our definitions of what it means to be a “woman” are similar but maybe if explain why I identify as one you’ll be kind enough to grant me my woman status. I don’t need your approval, but I would appreciate your respect of my identity. If not well then we really have nothing else to say to each other.

    Somehow I feel I “must” clear up some assumptions directed toward me. :o)

    Firstly I’ve never been against SRS and never will be. I fully support it and realize there are some who desperately need this operation to feel whole and complete as women. I don’t doubt that I would feel more whole and complete as one as well. I grew up thinking I should have had a vagina. But such feelings one learns to suppress and keep hidden in order to try and appear “normal”.

    “Normal” now there is a word open to a lot of interpretation. How would you define a “normal” woman? I’d seriously really like to hear some “real” definitions of that. Beat most would have an easier time defining “normal” transsexual as something akin to a “real” transsexual. Maybe people here could define what a “real” woman is. Does SRS make one a “real” woman? Rather subjective term eh?

    I don’t doubt for a second SRS makes one feel more normal as woman. I’m certain it would have that effect on me. Yet I doubt I will feel “normal” in this world. You can’t struggle with this gender dysphoric condition and ever feel normal. Well IMHO as is all of this.

    SRS is a vitally important medical solution and it is not my intent do dismiss or disparage the need for this form of gender dysphoric relief. For many women born male it is extremely important and an absolute necessity to their well being as women. The fact that many of us can live successfully as women without the surgery does not negate such a need for others. Some days I want a vagina more that others but not having one doesn’t prevent my interaction with the world as a woman.

    If you say the world “must” define me as a man than I am afraid I have to say sorry it isn’t going to happen. Tried it and it just doesn’t work for me. Not that I haven’t thought of living as a man again. If I could be comfortable with it I would. Who wants to be a transsexual? Honestly I don’t.

    I’ve only accepted the glorious TS title with my doctors because just as some need SRS for their well being some of us need hormone therapy for ours. Well over 10 years and it has been a great help. The problem I have is when “real” transsexuals want to deny my womanhood because I haven’t had the “real surgery”. Assuming one is not a woman because one hasn’t had the surgery or is not in some life or death rush to have it is a rather arrogant assumption among judgmental transsexuals. Kind of like a christian calling another christian unsaved. Your interpretation may vary.

    Look I will “always” support the rights of transsexuals. How could I not? Transsexual needs are my needs. The only reason I define as a “trans woman” and not a transsexual is because I’m sick of the BS judging among transsexuals who is “real” and who is not.

    Suzan you have my respect. I’m not hear to sell you any umbrellas even though it is rainging. :o) I did not come here to pick a fight with you or anyone. I shouldn’t have even commented. But I saw some names being mention from a support group I once visited and remembered how bigotry and “hate” destroyed it. It was a time when I needed some help and understanding. You know something you might hope for from a support group? It made me pray to God I wasn’t a transsexual. Not sure that praying helps. What am I? Well I’m still on a journey of self discovery.

    Am I a woman? I live as one and still learning a bit more every year what it means to be one. I’m lucky in that most people see and treat me as one. We all want to have our identities respected. I do not demand that you or anyone “must” acknowledge me as a woman. It is my hope.

    respectfully, Teri

  20. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    Teri said: “I fully support it and realize there are some who desperately need this operation to feel whole and complete as women.”

    Actually, in my case it was a matter of curing the misalignment of my innate neurobiology and genitalia. I am now female, the necessary substrate for my womanhood.

    Having the surgery required surmounting many practical obstacles, but reluctance was never an issue. For me, surgery was a mandate. It saved my life.

  21. tinagrrl Says:

    Teri writes: “Tinagrrl, et al,

    I doubt our definitions of what it means to be a “woman” are similar but maybe if explain why I identify as one you’ll be kind enough to grant me my woman status.”

    1. I never even attempted to define woman. I made no statements about who is, or is not, a woman.

    If you wish to get into that argument — that can be done, though I’d rather not.

    Teri: “I don’t need your approval, but I would appreciate your respect of my identity. If not well then we really have nothing else to say to each other.”

    2. If you noticed I neither approved, nor disapproved of you, your status, identity, etc. Again, if you wish to fight about that……………well, I guess it might be difficult because I do not know you, and have no idea who you are, or, for that matter, claim to be.

    Teri: “If you say the world “must” define me as a man than I am afraid I have to say sorry it isn’t going to happen. Tried it and it just doesn’t work for me. Not that I haven’t thought of living as a man again. If I could be comfortable with it I would. Who wants to be a transsexual? Honestly I don’t.”

    3. Where did I say ANYTHING about how the world defines, or must define you, or me for that matter. I suspect you are fighting other battles here, battles not asked for, initiated, or welcome. If you want to fight those, there are a lot of less accepting places that would welcome the fight. I do not. It is counterproductive.

    My experience with SRS was one of discovery. It was the beginning of a new (for me), more total (for me), transition. It was a case of finally being comfortable in my own skin. In my case, SRS was the gateway to what I call a more “normal” life. After the dust settled, I still had difficulties, but the issue of “transsexuality” wasn’t one of them. Again, it does take time.

    It has nothing to do with the way the world sees me. It has nothing to do with being “true”, “real”, “classic”, etc. It was about being ME.

    That was the purpose of SRS — it was a purely selfish act. It freed me in ways I could not know until AFTER.

    Was it difficult? Yes.

    Did I lose friends, lovers, family? Yes.

    Did TIME heal most of it? Yes

    Is my life better, more fulfilled? Yes.

    Has love entered my life in a way I’d never imagined? Yes.

    SRS is NOT to placate others. It has nothing to do with social approval. It’s just for you. Either you want it or not. Either you must have it or not.

    As time passes, as you settle into your new life it becomes less important. Being transsexual becomes a non-issue. There is almost no thought of “passing”, no fear of being compromised — you just are.

    Again, I am speaking of myself, for myself — as is said on line YMMV.

    I echo what Sharon said. I am aware of some of the difficulties she has had. I have never seen greater courage, grit, perserverance.

    Some folks have to move mountains to get their surgery — they do. For them it’s that important.

    An awful lot of folks who were once very visible on-line are no longer around. They’ve done their part and moved on.

    This is not usenet. It’s not a support group. It’s a blog.

  22. Teri Says:


    (sigh) I thought I made it quite clear I’m not here to fight. Why do you keep thinking I am trying to pick a fight? Can we not just explain ourselves and ask each other questions. I’m not arguing with you and have no intention of doing so. I am simply trying to share why I have the feelings I do.

    You asked “why”? in regards to my statement that if one wants respect they need to also give it. Sorry that is just how it has always worked for me.

    You then asked “what does one thing have to do with the other” and I attempted to explain that, by showing a connection we have as women born male.

    I asked your definition of “woman” not to pick a fight. I sincerely would like to know. Another would be what does a being a woman mean to you? These are not challenges but relevant questions. Your explanations might help clarify why you asked “why”. It might explain if you could even see a non-op as a woman. If your answer is no than so be it, I’ll just say goodbye and good luck. I’m not a CD and I’m not trying to sell any umbrellas.

    I’ll leave here with some parting thoughts. A penis does not belong on a woman but sometimes it happens.

    Some say a woman with a penis has no choice but to remove it. I’m not sure that is true.

    Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on how SRS effected you. Without a doubt if has to be a majorly profound experience. I don’t know if I will ever feel the absolute need to make that leap but who knows. I think it is something one should be 100% certain of. I’m rarely that certain of anything.

    Thanks for bearing with me. Have a good life.

    • Suzan Says:

      My definition of a woman is this: A woman is an adult person with a vagina. A transwoman is an adult person who lives as a woman but has male parts. I use pronouns appropriate to the way in which one lives.

      The who identity thing has turned into an intellectually dishonest quagmire that avoids the real question which is an equality of human rights, including access to medical care, having crimes against one treated as equal violations of ones humanity, having the right to have ID that reflects the name you use, non-discrimination in housing, employment and public access.

      Like all the claims of imaginary intersex conditions, all the claims of “identity” are putting lipstick on a pig and avoidance of the real question and that is the eradication of the pariah or semi pariah status of queer folk, along with removing the pariah status of other minority groups be they racial or ethnic.

  23. Autumn Sandeen Says:

    I believe Sharon Gaughan is right about reading your writings — please keep writing. You do have a habit of writing very interesting reads.

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