One Iowa warns of new push to ban gay marriage

The Christo-Fascist and Right Wing Bigots  show their un-American colors once again by attempting to deny their fellow citizens their Constitutional rights of equality.

From The Iowa Independent

By Jason Hancock 2/4/10 8:31 AM

One Iowa, the state’s larges gay-rights organization, is urging members to contact their legislators in order to counter a move by conservative lawmakers to push a ban on same-sex marriage

The ban, an idea that even the most ardent supporters admit is a long shot, could not be brought to the floor of either chamber for a vote without using some sort of legislative procedural maneuver. This is because Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate have promised to block every attempt to discuss a ban, let alone allow it to come up for a vote.

According to One Iowa, gay marriage opponents are trying to circumvent leadership in the House, where Democrats have a smaller advantage.

“Right-wing extremists are resorting to underhanded tactics in an attempt to take away the freedom to marry. While legislative leadership has stood firm in support of equality, extremists are attempting to overthrow House rules and push an anti-marriage amendment to the floor,” said Brad Clark, One Iowa’s campaign director.

The group is asking members to call the capitol switchboard and e-mail legislators showing their support for same-sex marriage.

In the closing days of the 2009 legislative session, Republicans in both the House and Senate attempted numerous procedural moves in the hopes of forcing a vote on a constitutional ban on gay marriage, including attaching it to a tax proposal and the state’s Health and Human Services budget. Democrats successfully blocked the efforts.

It is still unclear what, exactly, lawmakers plan to introduce. A message to House Republican leadership by The Iowa Independent. was not returned.

The Iowa House convenes at 9 a.m. Thursday.

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