Bizarre Intersex Claims

(The bizarre, sometimes deranged claims that people make to be intersex, when in fact they are transsexual)


Andrea Brown

There are a minority of transsexual people who claim to have some sort of intersex condition in terms of there body organs.  This article outlines the characteristics of some intersex conditions and explains why such claims are unfounded.

People claiming to have fathered children then suddenly claim to have had a

spontaneous sex change, found an ovary, uterine tissue or uterus in surgery

are liars or deluded and may require psychiatric help, which transsexual

people normally do not require.

Some transsexual people claim that a surgeon has found a small vaginal canal when performing surgery. That is pure fantasy. Check Medline, nothing is there. If that were occurring, it would be available in the literature.

It is also common for them to claim that they have found an ovary. Again that does not occur.

If a person has two testicles, even if they are undescended, there is no ovary.

The only possible combinations are, two testes, a testis and an ovary (so

rare it is almost unheard of), or two ovaries.

Some facts:

It is impossible to have two testes and two ovaries.

It is impossible to have two testes and one ovary.

It is impossible to have two ovaries and two testes.

It is impossible to have two ovaries and one testis.

It is impossible in your appendix (that has actually been claimed).

Someone with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome does not have a penis and father children.

The vast majority of people who have intersex conditions are sterile.

Now to consider some individual intersex conditions.


On very rare occasions a person has been born with an ovary and a teste. However this is so rare that it is practically unknown in the majority of intersex clinics and there appears to have never been a case of this in a transsexual person either. The existence of people who are true hermorphodite is extremely rare and most experts in intersex will never meet one.

If a true hermaphrodite is found, medics drop everything and flock to the hospital. It being about the only time you will see medics travel in a manner almost similar to wacky races if necessary, to the point they will even accept non-first class seats on planes just to get there. Literally it is like an emergency ad hoc medical conference. It is so rare that the majority of intersex specialists will never encounter a person with such a condition, so will jump at the chance of hands on experience and observation.

At this link is an example.

5 Alpha Reductase.

Regarding 5 alpha. It is not unusual for a person with 5 alpha to be born with ambiguous genitalia. Normally surgery will be carried out very early, which nearly always leads to serious long-term health problems. Presentation at birth varies. They can look anything from completely female to completely male. All are sterile.

If 5 Alpha is not surgically treated, the results can be at puberty, that what in effect is either a clitoris or an enlarged clitoris will enlarge, but that labia will stay unfused and sometimes there is a trace of a vaginal canal. It will resemble a small-unsheathed penis. The genitalia will look nothing like male genitalia except in passing.

Claims that people with 5 alpha go on to have large penises and be completely functional are based purely in fantasy and wishful thinking. Any clinician claiming otherwise, I would request they present a patient in front of my face to prove otherwise.

Regarding gender identity in 5 alpha people, it literally can be anywhere from male to female. Contrary to the literature that is quoted, which also appears to be highly suspect. Most actually appear to identify as female, not male.

For more information on 5 alpha see.

Spontaneous sex change.

This does not occur in humans and is a fiction created in pornographic magazines, porn films and the minds of deranged fantasists. A penis cannot spontaneously change into a vagina in days, weeks months or years. Sex reassignment surgery however, can change a penis into a vagina.

Spontaneous sex change can occur in frogs and some other amphibians.

The only way this could occur in a human being is if David Icke the conspiracy theorist is right in his claims that all our world leaders are really amphibians or reptiles masquerading as human. I think we can all guess the truth on that one.

In some rare cases a person can develop a pituitary condition, which can cause in a woman to have high levels of testosterone to be produced or in a man high levels of estrogen. These conditions are extremely serious. The people do not change sex and very often require extremely serious and sometimes life threatening surgery on there pituitary gland. Conditions like this have to be treated quickly as they can be fatal if left untreated. These people have no gender identity issue and are quite often disturbed by what happens to them. Also on extremely rare occassions anti-cholesterol medicine can disrupt the pituatory gland, causing disruption of hormone levels. This requires immediate medical intervention.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

The number of female to male transsexuals and transgenderists also falsely claiming to have CAH is also a problem.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia can be fatal. CAH girls vary from looking normal at birth right through to being mistaken for male in rare cases at birth, with a spectrum in between. If a child is not recognized as having CAH at birth, they can go into an adrenal crisis after being taken home. An adrenal crisis can kill if appropriate treatment is not given, quickly. The adrenal crises are a fact of life for people with CAH, all through their life. Even in adulthood when a person is well versed on CAH, they can still not reach hospital in time and die all to often of an adrenal crisis.

Issues such as gender identity are quite often a non-issue for people with CAH. Most are to worried with trying to stay alive to worry about gender identity, contrary to what LGBT transgender and queer activists like to claim.

Also some male to female transsexual people have claimed to have CAH. People with CAH have short stature, due to their treatment. Someone 190cm tall and built like a terminator, does not have CAH.

Males who have CAH are also very short in stature.

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

For a very good overview of androgen insensitivity syndrome see.

There website.

In CAIS (complete androgen insensitivity syndrome) a person is completely insensitive to testosterone. Literally they have no response to testosterone whatsoever.

There are a lot of bizarre myths around CAIS. Most of the myths that circulate in the T and LGBT worlds appear to have their origins in some sort of fantasies, not fact. The fantasy that all women with CAIS have an issue with there gender identity is purely that, a fantasy. They are fed up with various groups, including trans groups trying to claim their is a gender identity issue when there never has been, is not now and never will be.

They are not trans, extreme transsexuals or a form of homosexual. They are just women, who wish to be left alone to get on with there lives and want people to stop colonizing their issues for political reasons.

ISNA and Accord Alliance.

Alice Dreger and her husband encouraged Bo Laurent and Kirea Trea to misrepresent themselves as intersex. The organization they set up called ISNA, now known as the Accord Alliance, was an intensely transphobic organization, yet was top heavy with self hating transsexual people. The only person in ISNA who was genuinely intersex that this author can find was Sherri Grovemann.

Kidney and bladder infections/damage.

Some transsexual people have claimed to have a period because they have pissed blood. They have not had a period. Kidney infections can cause a person to piss blood. Physical damage from impacts can cause a person to piss blood.

A period cannot occur when a person has two testes, as the testosterone would suppress any possibility of a period if the tissue actually existed.

People who have pissed blood because of childhood surgery are people who have had just that happen. They would strongly refute any claim that they are having a period, regardless of what any LGBT activist, queer theorist or trans activist states. They will state the truth and inform you it is from a bladder or kidney infection or scar tissue failure.

Birth Scar in transsexual people.

A lot of transsexual people take a lot of notice of there genitalia. That is natural as they are trying to find ways of getting rid of their genitalia.

Every human has a birth scar, where the skin closes over in the womb.

In female births this is hidden by the cleft of the vagina.

In male births quite often there is a small scar somewhere between the anus and tip of the penis. It is usually not noticeable at all, unless looking for it. In some people the scar is more pronounced. In some it can be a heavy scar that runs from the anus all the way to the tip of the penile skin. It does not affect erections. It just looks like a heavy scar.

This scar is not a hypospadias, no matter what any queer theorist, trans theorist, LGBT activist or trans activist claims. It is a completely distinct issue from a hypospadias.

It is just a scar, nothing else and nothing else should be made of it.

16 Responses to “Bizarre Intersex Claims”

  1. cassandraspeaks Says:

    First Piece of common sense truth I have read about this subject in a long long time! Thank you for publishing this Suzan.

  2. Willow Arune Says:

    I have noted over the years that a certain number of TS attempt to “justify” their transition or play one-upmanship with this type of silly claim. The logic, if such it be, seems to be that if they are in fact “intersexed”, transition was not in the least a matter of choice but arose due to a “birth defect” or anomaly. These types generally then try to dismiss all others as some lesser beings. They seem to assume that a physical condition is somehow “better than” a mental condition.
    And yes, it is truly farcical. Especially in regards to those that also claim to be fathers in their earlier lives.

  3. Leigh Smythe Says:

    Being intersex is not what makes a transsexual. Being born with a female brain is suspected. One can be intersex and identify either way. Just like sexual orientation these situations coexist but are not codependent. So, I’m not sure what the fuss is about. The mind tells us our gender, not the body. The body is just the vehicle and needs to be matched by the individual to the appropriate identity in whatever way is most appropriate. It is the serious confusion and bigotry in society that causes all this confusion. If we were simply asked at a time when we are more knowledgeable and allowed to follow our evolution to its conclusion we would have a dramatically easier time of it. Most of the problem is our lack of acceptance and oppression. Being intersex should not even be in a discussion with identity. It is all body issues, not identity issues, until the public adds it ignorant two cents in on the subject.

    • Suzan Says:

      I do not believe equality should be based on some sort of physical claims.

      I had a sex change operation because I am or at least was transsexual. I wanted that operation because I was transsexual. Why was I transsexual? Because I not only wanted a sex change operation but wanted it bad enough to move heaven and earth to get one.

      The operation, by the way was a fantastic success. It cured me of transsexualism and I haven’t had the desire to change sex since.

      Look I don’t particularly believe in a lot of the female brain/male brain stuff. I actually think it has more to do with how hormones are processed and the hypothalamus.

      But even that doesn’t much matter.

      I am/we are because of our actions.

  4. Willow Arune Says:

    Suzan , what I like about your last letter is that it left room for a very important factor. Our own choice, our own will. We are not simply cast up upon the waves but truly are the captains of our ship. We are in control, not floundering under rules and regulations.

    Yes, move heaven and earth! Fight and fight some more until you get what you want. If the road is easy, it leads to the post-op suicides we have all seen. I don’t mind gatekeepers – they make the challenge interesting and force you to test your own wants. I battled my way through, so too did you. More others simply slipped through the widening cracks – and suffered accordingly.

    I know a TS who recently had SRS after a very short time. A t last report, she was suffering from deep depression, a candidate for the end of times. No checks and balances, just a free ride all the way to the table.

    Nor should we look with disdain upon those who do not make the full journey. Everyone has a right to make their own way, as far or as short as their journey needs be.


  5. Pollik Says:

    It is not just in amphibians that spontaneous sex changes occur. It also happens in at least one fish – the clown fish.

    Without doubting most of what Andrea writes, the thing about knowledge is that just when you think you have something nailed down, something comes along which throws the issue wide open.

    I have come to regard knowledge not as as absolute but as something that I think I know at this moment. America was ‘discovered’ in 1492 – I wonder if any inhabitants of America at that time would care to comment?

    I somewhat dislike statements made in absolute terms.

  6. Andrea Says:

    According to the catholic church America was discovered by Columbas. The fact that 40 years before, Portuguense sailors got into trouble of the Grand Banks fishing for Cod and clashing with Icelandic fishermen, was conveniently forgotten.

    You know full well from school, the Vikings had a colony in North Armerica a couple of hundred years before Colummbas. They have even found the site in Canada.

    The Morrocan pirates knew of it long before columbas.

    According to the Romans, the Carthaginian’s had an outpost in a land many weeks sailing westwards and were actually considering at one point during the punic wars to avoid roman attacks and start over.

    The old Irish name for America, before Columbas came along was Brazil, which modern day Brazil is named after. Practically every bit of the coast from Donegal to Clare has a legend about a land that can sometimes be seen as a mirage across the sea, which only the Gods could go to, called Brazil, from pre christian times.

    The Atlantic until Columbas came along was not an area which no one sailed to. Every single culture in Europe and the coast of Africa has a description of the America’s predating Columbas.

    The only people who did not seem to know about the America’s before columbas, was the Spanish and Vatican.

    Rregarding sponataneous sex changes. What I wrote was about one species, HOMO SAPIEN.

    I did not write about frogs, sheep, alligators, whales, snails, snakes, spiders, fish, virus’s, bacteria, octupi, goats, or any other species, all of which I have recieved emails about trying to defend insane, deranged and uneducated stances. Some of those emails are frankly, disturbing. To disturb me takes a lot.

    I wrote solely about Homo Sapiens. For the record I have known people over the years with genuine intersex conditions who have also changed sex. There medical history has no similarities with the stupidity that is now passing for intersex on the internet. Also they are all under the care of specialist teams for good reason.

    I only laid into a subset of the most stupid claims I have encountered on the internet. That subset was the most common false claims. I am just fed up with insane people making claims, who think they are giving themselves more legitamacy, when in fact they are not. The bigots don’t care if a person is transsexual, intersex, LGB or whatever, they see us all as people who are undermensch. All there false claims do is give the haters of transsexual people such as Bailey, Blanchard, Dreger, Zucker, McHugh, Chiland, Lawrence and others easy to use ammunition to paint all transsexual people, as insane.

    Transsexual people are all homo sapien and are genetically from the same species as are there parents, relatives, religeous control freaks, bigots, liberals, presidents, politicians, priests, nuns, popes, musicians, technicians, etc. What I have written is nothing whatsoever to do with any other species, although would also most likely apply to our closest relatives in the primate family. I would have to research that though.
    Transsexual people are not genetically related to frogs, sheep, alligators, whales, snails, snakes, spiders, fish, virus’s, bacteria, octupi, goats, or any other species.

    The article is 100% about human beings, covering a very small sub section of the minority of people known as transsexual in society.

    No other species are involved and I really do find the constant need to include other species in this debate, to be very weird. I really don’t want to understand that need to reference other species to back up crazy claims.

    For the record, I do believe if the monkeys we are descended from knew that politicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, lawyers and religeous nutters were going to come out of the gene pool they would have written of the opposable thumb as a bad idea and stayed in the trees.

  7. Pollik Says:

    “I did not write about frogs….”
    “Rregarding sponataneous sex changes. What I wrote was about one species, HOMO SAPIEN”


    “Spontaneous sex change can occur in frogs and some other amphibians.”


  8. Andrea Says:

    How narrowly selective of you?

    I wrote that spontaneous sex change can occur in some species and gave an example. I wrote that what happens in amphibians does not apply to humans regarding spontaneous sex change.

    In context see:

    “Spontaneous sex change can occur in frogs and some other amphibians.

    The only way this could occur in a human being is if David Icke the conspiracy theorist is right in his claims that all our world leaders are really amphibians or reptiles masquerading as human. I think we can all guess the truth on that one.”

  9. Pollik Says:

    You: “The article is 100% about human beings”

    Me: “I somewhat dislike statements made in absolute terms.”

    I don’t think I am the one making absolute – and inaccurate – statements.

  10. Andrea Says:


    It is obvious to anyone who reads it that the article about a small minority of people amongst transsexual people.

    The article is about human beings. That is a simple fact.

    You are trying to distort what the article is about for some reason. That won’t work with me.

    The article is quite clear what species it talks about.

    If you consider transsexual people to be another species, thats your problem not mine.

    I know I am a homo sapien.

    You are the one making inaccurate statements.

  11. Pollik Says:

    “If you consider transsexual people to be another species, thats your problem not mine”

    Wow, where did that come from? Not from me, that is for sure.

    “You are the one making inaccurate statements.”

    Can you be more specific? Or shall we end it here?

  12. tinagrrl Says:

    Spontaneous sex change also occurs in some fish.. Black Sea Bass can go from female to male to female — does that mean some of our “intersexed, spontaneous sex change, it just happened” folks will revert to male at some future time?

    In the words of Judy Tenuta — “It could happen!”

    If you are transsexual and have SRS — well, by golly, you’re just a plain old, regular, woman.

    Is that the problem? Becoming just a plain old, regular person? Have all those years of being different/”special” left some folks NEEDING that sort of notoriety?

    Is just being a post-op, a woman, no longer enough? Do some folks need to remain special — even if only in their small circle?

    Many of us have tried various “cures” of our transsexuality prior to accepting our truth and having SRS — education, performing, drugs, alcohol, achievement, wealth, etc., etc., etc. Some have tried to find the “right” partner to “live through”.

    None of those things worked — after all is said and done — we move forward and have SRS.

    Is the possibility of a quiet, “normal” life so frightening we have to invent stuff — strange forms of intersex, new “special” ways of being post-transsexual/transsexual, etc.

    Is the need to be separate (again) from the rest of humanity really that intense?

    For some folks being transsexual seems to be the only way they were “special”. When pre-op, most of us were in a state of being VERY “special” — does that become addictive?

  13. Andrea Says:

    Hi Tina,

    Very well said.

    I think you have hit the nail on the head.


  14. cornince Says:


    Haven’t you been harassing Zoe Brain with numerous sock puppets and talking about how trans women are really men all this time? What are you doing on this blog acting like you are all in agreement with its author? Either way, you’re a very slippery person.


    Please reconsider this blog post. Zoe Brain has republished a letter from M. Italiano here, disproving many of the claims in the blog post with articles from PubMed and other sources. Please give it a look over.

    • Suzan Says:

      Zoe’s M. Italiano has a “Doctorate” sic in alternative medicine. This is kind of like my claiming a Doctorate. Alternative medicine is a fraud and quackery.

      As Editor of this Blog and as a person who has delved into the subject matter I tend to find all the John Gault (Ayn rand’s model of rugged individualism) claims of strangely bizarre intersex claims pretty ridiculous. Particularly when they come from people who have fathered children.

      When this over all series of articles started its targets were Kirea Tirea and Cheryl Chase as well as their numerous sock puppets, Zoe was snared by accident.

      But Zoe’s claims are so fantastical as for me to have had serious doubts right from the get go. Having been around the scene for some 40 years heightens ones bullshit detector. Particularly when Zoe starts pulling her evidence out of her ass and it turns into not just one of the more common signs of a possible intersex condition most usually found in those who come out young of partial androgen insensitivity.

      Zoe is a middle aged transsexual with a guilt complex which is manifesting itself all over the web with this “Look at my intersex condition.” Ten years ago she might have been believed.

      I may edit some of Andrea’s writing here, mainly for clarity and then to libel proof it but I stand by what she writes particularly when it comes to science.

      Way back in the 1950s someone known in the literature as “Agnes” perpetuated a fraudulent claim of intersex that helped set back the cause of transsexual access to SRS and cause us all to be considered as potential frauds and liars. Since then Chase, Tirea and now Zoe have perpetuated this fraud.

      At this point the deceit has perpetuated some hugely questionable claims.

      As for Nicky, I am well aware of some of his positions and he is moderated as are others with “reputations”.

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