Physical Causes: A Path to Liberation or a Trap?

PBS was bountiful last night.  Show about Machu Picchu, the wonders of the planet and a an Independent Lens film.

The film was part of Black History Month and pointed out how prior to World War II there was a fetishization of defining races based on physical traits and purity.

This film also showed the American Nazis goose stepping down the streets and the KKK with their crosses.  Hand in hand.

In The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein points out how manipulated events are used to created oppressive economic conditions which are in turned used to justify Fascism and political oppression.

Severely stressed economic conditions in Germany prior to WW II gave rise to Nazism.  This out of a nation that was considered a model of progressive thinking during the 1920s, a center of science and culture.

I am watching some very frightening developments world wide.  The rise of faith based right wing extremism that is fueled by hatred of LGBT/T people.

Currently they are using the ideology of LGBT/T as a lifestyle choice and the idea that reparative therapy can cure us.  But the Pope has already used the label of intrinsically disordered.  Code words for “born evil”.

Between the idea that mere exposure to us is enough to corrupt “innocent” children into our “corrupt lifestyle” and “intrinsically disordered” there are the makings of a genocidal cleansing.  Which by the way Christo-Fascist organizations like “The Family” et. al. are test marketing in Uganda.

Under Hitler there was a variation of the one drop of blood rule so I doubt scientific evidence is as strong a defense against people willing to commit the genocide as say a Kalashnikov and plenty of ammunition.

Of course they have private armies run by ultra right wing extremists and filled with both racist Aryan Nation types and Christian Identity fucks like Black Water now called Xe.

The late Utah Phillips, a folk singer and agitator, was an anarchist and a Wobblie (IWW) said “Freedom is something you are born with and then they try to take it away.”

Human rights and equality are something we are born with.  But as soon as we found ourselves growing up different they started to take away our human rights and equality.

I’ve taken shit from some peddlers of the “Classic Transsexual” party line because I don’t hate transgender people based on our differences and defend their human rights and equality based on their humanity the same way I do not have to be a person of color to defend the principles of human rights and equality of people of color.

I let the issue of being born this way and intersex conditions just lay there as something too irrelevant for me to get worked up about.  The I’m really intersex and not transsexual game has turned into a festering sore of I am better than that person over there who had the same adult sex reassignment I had.

That is a waste of time.  The fanatics don’t think twice about sticking us all in the same box cars over that argument.  And if they did is the saving your own skin so important that you would join them in persecuting others who had the same operation you had?

It is the white skin privilege matter I faced back in the 1960.  Being born white the matter of equality for people of color was not a personal issue.  I could have just gone out and done things for my ow benefit instead of joining in the demonstrations for equality by people of color.

Even though I was too young for the  marches of the early 1960s I was part of them by the later portion of the 1960s.

Some times instead of looking out for number one we are faced with ethical questions.  Even being able to pass does not free us from the ethical question:  Do you support human rights and equality or do you not?  Which side are you on?

3 Responses to “Physical Causes: A Path to Liberation or a Trap?”

  1. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    Thanks Suzy

    Your question should also be given to all members of the psychiatric profession. With its legacy of support of racial biology, the forced sterilization of “socially unfit” women (up until 1976) and lobotomy (now the less the known capsulotomy), every psychiatrist has to take a human rights stand against that legacy to not be viewed as a potential fascist.


  2. Willow Arune Says:

    Oh my goodness. To think that I agree with you!

    Suzan, it must be that we are both aging and mellowing. Being TS is no better nor worse than being TG, or White, Black or any other birth condition. To discriminate against any such character traits is simply wrong. The Sisters of Transsexual Purity do not even hide their.. hatred is the word that comes to mind. Lenin said that the group closest to your own position (in his case, Menshivicks and Bolshevks) is the one you attack first. That is what the Sisters appear to be doing.

  3. Véronique Says:

    Excellent post, Suzan.

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