Highest Tax Court Ruling Today On SRS Tax Deductions

Here is the AP The Associated Press writing on the tax court ruling for SRS tax deductions


Great news just came out today from the US Tax Court . See link http://www.ustaxcourt.gov/InOpTodays/ODonnabhain.TC.WPD.pdf

This girl took her deductions for her SRS and related stuff on her IRS taxs She over the last few years has been fighting with the IRS and finally took the case all the way to the US Tax Court. Highest tax court in the land and finally they had a ruling today and she won the case. Now you can do the same on your next tax filing.

Wow this is wonderful that more and more it is being recognized as a medical necessity then cosmetic. Great news

p.s forward this tax ruling to all people you know that are TS and are going to have there SRS. We must pass this around to all.

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  1. Véronique Says:

    This is not only great news from a financial standpoint but also for the fact of the court acknowledging the medical necessity of SRS for those who need it. A big step forward!

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