I’m Sick of Democrats Who Are Little More Than Cowardly Republican Lites

If you have been reading this blog over the last year you may have noticed I do not like conservatives.

I believe the denial of equal rights and opportunities to all including LGBT/T people is not only wrong but un-American.

I will always favor the interests of the working class over those of the rich elites.

I go beyond marriage equality and the requirement of ceremonies and believe in extending the rights to those who years ago were considered as being in a “common law marriage”.

I am disappointed in the extreme with the Democratic Party and especially with Obama.

I was a Clinton supporter.  I thought we should have a woman in the office.  Of course I recognize that if she were owned by the corporations the same way Obama is I would be equally disappointed in her as well.

Obama has thrown LGBT/T people under the bus.  I knew he would the second he started kissing up to Rick Warren and the rest of the Christo-Fascist oligarchy.

Well here we are, in a few days this blog will be a year old, the Obama presidency is already a year old, lets look at what has happened.

The day after he was elected Obama threw LGBT/T folks under the bus.

There has been no action aimed at repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Smooth talk is not action especially when you have an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate.

There was never any hope of there being a repeal of DOMA.  Not with a president that attends the “Prayer Breakfasts” of The Family and other ultra right wing extremist faith based hate groups.

What ever happened to ENDA?  Too controversial?  Hell I’ve even listened to certain factions of post-SRS women bitch and parrot the religious right party lines.  Extending equality does not take away your rights.  Equality is not a zero sum gain where some have to lose so others can gain.

Where is our single payer National Health System?

Where is The Employee Free Choice Act?

Where is the reregulation of the banks?

Where is the mandating of American made content in stimulus package purchases?

Why can’t the Democrats with a huge majority pass anything in the interests of the people who elected them and gave them that majority when the Republicans have crammed thirty years of Reagonomics/voodoo economics and free market bullshit down our throats with a slim majority at best and often times a Democratic Congress?

May Be we need a new Party that is really Progressive.

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