Gayle Haggard’s New Book “Why I Stayed Married to a Lying Closet Homosexual on the Down Low”

The have a book section in the Big Box where I work. When I want to feel really shitty and depressed I go and look at the ghost written crappy right wing and quasi religious bullshit they peddle.

Ever wonder how the Palins, Becks, Coulters and Twilight virgin vampire books wind up on the best seller lists? Look no further than the major warehouse department stores.

Anyhow this week I was wading through the tables because they occasionally do have really good books at very good prices and I came across Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour by Gayle Haggard and Angela Elwell Hunt.  I can pretty well guess who did the telling and who did the writing.

I thought, “How fucking pathetic is this?”  Your superstition peddling huckster of a husband is a self loathing closet homosexual.

Teddy boy wants back in on the Jesus Hustle and momma misses the big bucks.

As Upton Sinclar wrote many years ago  in a very obscure book titled The Profits of Religion the main purpose of religion is not the glorification of some invisible sky daddy but rather the amassing of wealth and power.

As a closeted gay man on the down low Ted Haggard had to hide the fact he was a meth snorting cock sucker because it conflicted with the praise Jesus and pass the collection plate lifestyle of the con game he was running.

The  main pillar of the religion hustle these days is homophobia.  The con artists for Jesus use it to get the flock to lay the tithe on them or if not an actual tithe then as much as they can give to fight the homosexual agenda.

The main tenet in Christo-Fascist ideology regarding LGBT/T people is that it is a “lifestyle choice” and that homosexuality can be cured by prayer. So naturally if Teddy wants to resume raking in the big bucks scamming the flock he has to “pray away the gay”.  And if Gayle wants to continue benefiting from the con game she has to stand by her miraculously cured hubby.

Pathetic, absolutely fucking pathetic.

I never had any respect for Haggard, just looking at him and listening to him I could tell he was a sick self loathing closet case.

I would have had vastly more respect for him if he had come out, admitted he had preached homophobia as part of the con game to fleece the flock and repented for that ethical sin.

Then if Gayle had said we have reasons for staying together that include my accepting he is gay I would have some respect for her.  Or if like the wife of James McGreavy, former governor of New Jersey she had screamed, “I want a fucking divorce and a huge settlement”,  I could have also respected that.

I have nothing but contempt for the both of them and I hope all the people he conned in the past preaching Anti-LGBT/T hate to look at him and call him every single filthy name the Christo-Fascists have encouraged them to use for LGBT/T people.

Random Musings on being the out Liberal Feminist

Some times it is tough being an out Liberal Feminist.

Like when people expect me to think Obama represents me or that I think the Democrats are doing a good job.

When I in fact think that there really isn’t much difference between Democrats and Republican when it comes to representing the common people.  Tonight Obama is expected to announce a freeze on spending for all programs except the War Machine.  Is that any different than the Bush approach of tax cuts and borrowing money to feed the Moloch of the war Machine?

Here is Obama, the first African American President and he is more right wing than Eisenhower.  Hell Ike was a flaming liberal in comparison.

I know, I know I listen to Keith and Rachel as well as  XM Radio Thom Hartman, Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller.  I hear all about all the good things Obama has done, supposedly.

Except even with an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate our party of the so called left, our party that is supposed to represent progressive values hasn’t done shit.  The Republicans got more of their agenda through a Democratic majority Congress for the last 40 years than Obama has.

Two years ago I said “Hope is for dopes. I want programs not platitudes.”  I was a Hillary supporter.  I’m tired of the presidency requiring a dick as a major qualification.  As far as I am concerned having a dick and being a platitude spouting smooth talker was the only qualifications Obama had.  We rightly label Sarah Palin as unqualified because she is just a media creation and we should have done the same to Obama.

But more over this guy kissed up to Rick Warren and The Family, a bunch of religious zealots who are test marketing capital punishment for gays in Uganda.  He professed an admiration for Ronald Reagan, the President who started us on the road to out sourced Free Market hell.

So tonight Obama is planning on announcing he will adopt another part of the Republican agenda of shrinking funding for programs that actually benefit the American people.  But not the military.  After World War I General Smeadly Butler wrote a book titled “War is a Racket“,  As President, General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us to “Beware of the military industrial complex.

We were supposed to believe Obama was different and would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But we are still there, still murdering people with our outrageously expensive war toys, still torturing, still maiming in the name of freedom.

and I’m not really a liberal because liberals are way to complacent and wishy washy to say, “Not In My Name!”

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Pope Beat Self With a Belt

I swear some times the most delicious dirt just falls in to my ample lap.  The current homophobic/transphobic Pope wears red Prada pumps with his satin dress and drag queen rings as well as being a former Hitler Youth, full blown Nazi.  Oh and Miss Thang has a blond Austrian boyfriend.

Last night I came across the story that Pope John Paul II should be canonized as a saint for because he used to beat himself with a belt and sleep on the floor.  Sources:  God is for Suckers and Joe, My God .  From God is for Suckers there is a link that takes me to the MSM source story on MSNBC,  because I realize that the superstitious sky daddy believers would accuse us of making this shit up if just cross referenced other queers and atheists.

But this dirt does not come from the National Enquirer or some other super market tabloid but rather straight from a book by a Polish Prelate leading the push to make JP a saint.

The MSNBC money quote:

At a news conference Tuesday, Oder defended John Paul’s practice of self-mortification, which some faithful use to remind them of the suffering of Jesus on the cross.

“It’s an instrument of Christian perfection,” Oder said, responding to questions about how such a practice could be condoned considering Catholic teaching holds that the human body is a gift from God.

In the book, Oder wrote that John Paul frequently denied himself food — especially during the holy season of Lent — and “frequently spent the night on the bare floor,” messing up his bed in the morning so he wouldn’t draw attention to his act of penitence. “But it wasn’t limited to this. As some members of his close entourage in Poland and in the Vatican were able to hear with their own ears, John Paul flagellated himself. In his armoire, amid all the vestments and hanging on a hanger, was a belt which he used as a whip and which he always brought to Castel Gandolfo,” the papal retreat where John Paul vacationed each summer.

While there had long been rumors that John Paul practiced self-mortification, the book provides the first confirmation and concludes John Paul did so as an example of his faith.

It just slays me how much shit these religious fucks get away with. LGBT/T and even straight folks into kink get treated like they are mentally ill if their consenting adult sex practices include kink like BD/SM but for members of Opus Dei and other “religious leaders” self flagellation is a sign of holiness.

The best comment I saw was on Joe, My God from someone with the screen name of Tallulah, “How long did he have to do it before he came?”

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From Pre-Op to Property or How SRS Changes Relationships

Like many transkids who come out young I had a boyfriend, a man I loved deeply and who I leaned on for emotional support during a couple of years prior to my getting SRS and a year after while I was recovering.

We broke up about a year after I had SRS.

It seems as though just about every single younger sister I knew who was in a committed relationship with a man saw that relationship end after SRS.

Now conventional wisdom was that our partners were secretly gay and they couldn’t handle our having pussies.

I think part of this thinking bleeds over into the profile of “trannie chasers”.  But, I don’t think it is necessarily the case because most of our boyfriends weren’t trannie chasers and tended to wind up with WBW girlfriends..

Now some may have exoticized us (Not eroticized as Julia Serano would have it but rather a different issue) in the same sort of model placed on women from non-white, non-Christian, non-American women.  The idea that we tried harder in our femininity.  Maybe we did in our insecurity regarding what we thought was expected of us by the gate keepers.  Or maybe it was simply a phase we were going through…

But anyhow the way things went down many of us broke up.  Perhaps it was the working together that had been part of the glue that held us together.

But I suspect there may well have been something else.  You see I have the perspective of the years and the good fortune to have watched a number of people go through the surgery.

Second Wave feminism may have attacked the idea of women as property but the ephemeral idea still lives.  After SRS we are new people, whole for the first time in our lives and many if not most of us aren’t ready to become property.  So along with getting rid of the physical parts we shed our partners of before and try to find someone or something new in life that doesn’t have the baggage of having been with us before.

All too often the thought in our minds say, “They were with us when they must be gay.”

Or perhaps we are thinking about trying our new wings and flying instead of settling in to the role of wife and becoming the exclusive property of someone we knew before.

Whatever…  We are most often the ones that do the things that end the relationship.

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Feminist Majority Foundation - Equality around the world

Dear Suzanne,

Tell CBS That This Is No Time to Feed the Hatred of Anti-Abortion Extremists!

Send an email to CBS to stop the stread of anti-abortion hatred.

Tell Friend(s) that CBS is planning to air an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl game.

Even as the trial continues for the murder of Dr. George Tiller, CBS is planning to air an anti-abortion ad during this weekend’s Super Bowl game.

Tell CBS that this is no time to feed the anger and hatred of anti-abortion extremists.

CBS has a stated policy to reject all ads it deems controversial, including ads from, PETA, and even the United Church of Christ, which dared to suggest that their church would model tolerance (“Jesus Didn’t Turn People Away. Neither Do We”).

In fact, CBS execs told the United Church of Christ that CBS rejects any ad that “touches on and/or takes a position on one side of a current controversial issue of public importance.”

Although the ad itself is secret, Focus on the Family’s own publicity indicates that it will “take a position on one side of a current controversial issue.”  The ad reportedly focuses on quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, alleging that Tebow’s mother was urged to have an abortion for medical reasons but did not. The implicit suggestion that pregnant women whose health is at risk shouldn’t worry because nothing bad will happen is downright dangerous, even if the story is true.

The Super Bowl audience, one of the largest of any event, spans all ages and political positions, and should not be used to promote an anti-abortion message.

And why would CBS promote a clearly controversial message from Focus on the Family? That organization uses their millions to promote discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs – they even ran a campaign before the 2008 elections equating the U.S. with Nazi Germany!

Tell CBS that using the public airwaves to promote an anti-abortion message will lose the network both respect and business.

For Equality,

Ellie Smeal

Kim Gandy
Vice President

1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 801, Arlington, VA, 22209 | 703.522.2214 |

You have received this e-mail because of your interest in women’s issues. To unsubscribe, please go to:

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Coalition of Progressive Organizations Demand CBS Pull Divisive Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad

January 26, 2010 (New York, NY) – The Women’s Media Center and united organizations dedicated to reproductive rights, tolerance, and social justice have launched a campaign calling CBS to immediately pull an anti-choice advertisement sponsored by Focus on the Family to air during Super Bowl XLIV.

CBS has a well-documented history of prohibiting advocacy ads it deems controversial, rejecting ads from organizations such as PETA,, United Church of Christ, and even ones that carry only an “implicit” endorsement for a side in a public debate. Last year, NBC made the prudent decision to not air anti-choice messages during the Super Bowl. CBS executives have indicated in the past that they would not air Super Bowl ads where “substantial elements of the community (are) in opposition to one another.”

Focus on the Family is an organization well-known for opposing the equality of Americans based on gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and reproductive freedom. This ad uses one story to subtly dictate morality to the American public, and encourages women to disregard medical advice, potentially putting their lives at risk. Abortion is a controversial issue and anti-abortion vitriol has resulted in escalated violence against reproductive health service providers and their patients.

“An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year – an event designed to bring Americans together regardless of background, faith, ideology or political affiliation,” says Jehmu Greene, President of the Women’s Media Center.

The ad goes against the approximately 70 percent majority American view that reproductive decisions should be left up to a woman and her physician; against the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that such decisions are protected by a constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy; and against the health needs of the 1 in 3 American women who will need an abortion at sometime in her life.

American values of privacy and freedom should be respected, not undermined during the Super Bowl. CBS must take action now, by canceling the airing of Focus on the Family’s anti-choice ad.

To speak with WMC President Jehmu Greene, or to book other experts on health reform, health care politics, or women’s reproductive rights, please contact Rebekah Spicuglia, (212) 563-0680,

Coalition partners signed onto the letter to CBS include: Abortion Access Project, ACCESS/Women’s Health Rights Coalition, Women, Action & the Media, Advocates for Youth, Alternet, By Any Media Necessary, California Council of Churches IMPACT, CAMI project, Choice USA, Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP)/Hampshire College, Equality Now, Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), Feminist Press,

HollabackNYC, Ibis Reproductive Health, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, MAMAPALOOZA!, Media Equity Collaborative, Medical Students for Choice!, Ms. Foundation, New Prospect Family Praise and Worship Center, National Organization for Women (NOW), NOW-NYC, OpEd Project, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, Religious Institute, RH Reality Check, Sisterhood is Global, Inc, The White House Project, Third Wave Foundation, Women, Action & the Media (WAM!), Women In Media & News, Women’s Information Network (WIN).

About the Women’s Media Center: The Women’s Media Center is a non-profit organization making women visible and powerful in the media. Its women’s health care campaign is working to ensure that health care is fair, safe, and accessible to all.

Please visit to learn more about our work.

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Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Movement Organizing in Newark, NJ

From Alternet

By Bruce Wilson, AlterNet
Posted on January 23, 2010, Printed on January 23, 2010

As my new report, Movement Behind Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill Organizing in Newark begins,

Street by street, block by block, organized by city ward, PrayforNewark’s squads of church members are walking their city, praying for residents and businesses… its leaders claim their effort now fields enough volunteers to pray for almost every street in the New Jersey city… the effort is directly tied to an international movement that, as detailed in my new video documentary Transforming Uganda, played a significant role in organizing and inspiring Ugandan politicians who have backed the internationally notorious “kill the gays” bill, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently before Uganda’s parliament.

As a preface, let me start with this:

The movement in question in not synonymous with The Family, as covered by journalist Jeff Sharlet. That entity has played a major role (in both promoting the bill, it would seem, and later opposing it after a world outcry over the proposed legislation) in Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality bill, before Uganda’s parliament, which would mandate that HIV positive Ugandan citizens convicted for the crime of “aggravated homosexuality” be executed by hanging and would also require Ugandans to turn in to the Ugandan police, or face a three year prison sentence, family, friends, and acquaintances who might be gay.

Continue reading at:

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