Pro-Life Activist Scott Roeder Convicted of First Degree Murder

You know there are so many murder cases where convictions are based on dubious evidence that people can have qualms about.  But when someone is busted in the act there can be no doubts.

Scott Roeders murder of Dr George Tiller was a Christo-Fascist terrorist act of cold blooded murder.  Not only was it planned but it was carried out as methodically as the attack of 9/11.

He should be shown absolutely no mercy.  Execute him or sentence him to life without parole.

It is time to serve notice on the misogynistic anti-abortion mob that their acts of Christo-Fascist trerrorism will no longer be tolerated by civilized people.  The message is that they are un-American and more akin to the Saudis in their abhorent treatment of women’s rights.

Time to get rid of the Hyde Amendment too.

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  1. Véronique Says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Thirty-seven minutes! Hats off to that jury.

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