The inhumanity of “protecting marriage”

Box Turtle Bulletin has a story that just illustrates why same sex couples,  as well as post-SRS women and men who think their situation is secure since surgery and “legal recognition of our post-op status, need the legal protection offered by marriage equality.

It isn’t “gay marriage”.  That is what bigots call it. It is ending the tyranny of religious bigotry.

Actually if I had my druthers simply living together and stating your relationship should be enough to legally validate your relationship but I will settle for the simply making civil marriage a legal right and require that civil document of every one.  Then if theists want some magic word said over them they can.

From Box Turtle Bulletin:

Timothy Kincaid

January 30th, 2010

In 1995 Hootie and The Blowfish were on the radio, Waterworld was stinking up the movie theaters, and Tommy Lee married Pamela Anderson. It may not have been the best of years, but it was a good year for Kelly Glossip; that’s the year he met Dennis Engelhard.

Over the next 15 years the two men built a life together. They bought and decorated a house, joined a church, and helped raise Kelly’s son from a previous relationship.

And Dennis established a career in law enforcement, earning respect as a Missouri State Highway Patrolman. Even though Missouri is not a liberal state, the two lived openly, even attending social functions with Dennis’ coworkers.

But in 2004 the residents of Missouri decided that they needed to amend the state constitution to protect marriage from people like Kelly and Dennis. And in the process, they provided justification for treating them with contempt.

On Christmas Day, Dennis Engelhard was assisting at a minor accident when he was struck by a car which had lost control in the snow. He was killed. And at Glossip’s time of grief, his state did everything they could to make his life more miserable.

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