The Difference Between Being LGBT/T and “The Lifestyle”

Obviously gay closet cases like Ted Haggard blither on and on about the “gay lifestyle” and choosing to live or not live the “lifestyle”.

There is a “gay lifestyle” but it isn’t what people like Haggard are talking about.  It really has nothing to do with what LGBT/T people do in bed although it might have a lot to do with how we meet and form relationships.

By the same token there is a Christo-Fascist lifestyle that revolves around lining the pockets of superstition peddlers so they can live the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Gay, bisexual or lesbian, transsexual, transgender or straight is something you are.  Something most reasoned people would think you are born.  It isn’t a lifestyle choice.

The reason bigots like Maggie Gallegher and her hate group the National Organization For Marriage (a name that disguises its bigotry behind a title that sounds as though it would support marriage equality) are so anti-marriage equality is that it gives lie to the idea that LGBT/T folks are so alien to the rest of humanity as to be a pariah race destined to wander the earth as outcasts.

The battle for equality often revolves around the control of semantics and semiotics including something cognitive linguist, George Lakoff calls framing.

In order to deny LGBT/T people their rights and equality it is necessary to make their being a choice rather than something innate and then further to trivialize it by calling it a lifestyle choice.

Oddly the invoking of the invisible and undetectable bully in the sky and gathering around to worship this fanciful imaginary being truly is a lifestyle choice. As is selecting the career of being a scam artist for any one of the multitude of sky beings.

As I said this does not mean there aren’t LGBT/T lifestyles. Hell we have parades and festivals, commonly shared tastes and even fashions. In fact were our “lifestyles” associated with an ethnic group they would be called a culture and not a lifestyle.

However, removed from the social and taken as individuals or as part of family units we are culturally more like the class and ethnic groups we grew up in. We may love members of the same sex or change sex but we are still part of the vast geography of humanity and share the same wants and needs as straight people.

One of those needs is to not be used by closet case gay men like Haggard or bigots like Maggie Gallegar as scapegoats and pawns to con the rube into supporting the private jet set lifestyles of the rich and famous con artists for Jesus.

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