Friday Night Fun and Culture

A copy of a 1966 Buffalo Springfield CD titled simply Buffalo Springfield that I ordered from Amazon came in today’s mail. It features Stephan Stills and Neil Young.

The You Tube version I chose id from the Monterrey Pop Festival

4 Responses to “Friday Night Fun and Culture”

  1. Tina Says:

    Love your blog, and Buffalo Springfield is a nice choice. Thank you!

  2. karen A Says:

    Goodness do they look so young there…

    That version of the song seems a bit mellower than the version I have on “Retrospective – The Best of Buffalo Springfield”

  3. Véronique Says:

    OMG, I idolized Buffalo Springfield! “For What It’s Worth” and especially “Mr. Soul” were a major part of the soundtrack of my misspent youth.

    I’d never seen this footage before, and I was wondering, who the hell is that guy on guitar stage right? I’m seeing this big walrus mustache, so I know it’s not Neil Young. Then I realized this must have been one of those times when Neil quit. That’s David Crosby playing with them! Maybe that’s where the mellowness came from. 🙂

    I couldn’t tell if it was Bruce Palmer on bass or not because they never showed him. He used to get deported to Canada on a regular basis, since I don’t think he was ever in the US legally.

    Thanks for the clip. 🙂

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