Friday Night Fun and Culture

A copy of a 1966 Buffalo Springfield CD titled simply Buffalo Springfield that I ordered from Amazon came in today’s mail. It features Stephan Stills and Neil Young.

The You Tube version I chose id from the Monterrey Pop Festival

Gayle Haggard’s New Book “Why I Stayed Married to a Lying Closet Homosexual on the Down Low”

The have a book section in the Big Box where I work. When I want to feel really shitty and depressed I go and look at the ghost written crappy right wing and quasi religious bullshit they peddle.

Ever wonder how the Palins, Becks, Coulters and Twilight virgin vampire books wind up on the best seller lists? Look no further than the major warehouse department stores.

Anyhow this week I was wading through the tables because they occasionally do have really good books at very good prices and I came across Why I Stayed: The Choices I Made In My Darkest Hour by Gayle Haggard and Angela Elwell Hunt.  I can pretty well guess who did the telling and who did the writing.

I thought, “How fucking pathetic is this?”  Your superstition peddling huckster of a husband is a self loathing closet homosexual.

Teddy boy wants back in on the Jesus Hustle and momma misses the big bucks.

As Upton Sinclar wrote many years ago  in a very obscure book titled The Profits of Religion the main purpose of religion is not the glorification of some invisible sky daddy but rather the amassing of wealth and power.

As a closeted gay man on the down low Ted Haggard had to hide the fact he was a meth snorting cock sucker because it conflicted with the praise Jesus and pass the collection plate lifestyle of the con game he was running.

The  main pillar of the religion hustle these days is homophobia.  The con artists for Jesus use it to get the flock to lay the tithe on them or if not an actual tithe then as much as they can give to fight the homosexual agenda.

The main tenet in Christo-Fascist ideology regarding LGBT/T people is that it is a “lifestyle choice” and that homosexuality can be cured by prayer. So naturally if Teddy wants to resume raking in the big bucks scamming the flock he has to “pray away the gay”.  And if Gayle wants to continue benefiting from the con game she has to stand by her miraculously cured hubby.

Pathetic, absolutely fucking pathetic.

I never had any respect for Haggard, just looking at him and listening to him I could tell he was a sick self loathing closet case.

I would have had vastly more respect for him if he had come out, admitted he had preached homophobia as part of the con game to fleece the flock and repented for that ethical sin.

Then if Gayle had said we have reasons for staying together that include my accepting he is gay I would have some respect for her.  Or if like the wife of James McGreavy, former governor of New Jersey she had screamed, “I want a fucking divorce and a huge settlement”,  I could have also respected that.

I have nothing but contempt for the both of them and I hope all the people he conned in the past preaching Anti-LGBT/T hate to look at him and call him every single filthy name the Christo-Fascists have encouraged them to use for LGBT/T people.