Transsexual People in Germany

A new publication regarding transsexual people in Germany seems to be creating controversy.

I really am not into personally digesting this one.  While I might scan the English language portions I lack the knowledge of German to read much of it and Babel Fish is both tedious to use and lacking in nuance.

The fact is I would rather read what we have to offer regarding our own lives as we are the only valid experts. If you haven’t lived it you can only speak from the arrogant sort of position one finds when the imperialist speaks of the colonized or the misogynistic male  speaks of women.

Matters only worsen when this speaking from ignorance is done by academics wishing to polish their credentials and further their careers.

I’m sure criticism of this publication will continue over the next few weeks and months.  As time for studying it permits and translations become available I am sure I will revisit and critique it.

I would be willing to publish  reader submitted explanations, elaborations and critiques of this statement.  Let me know in the comments section and I will contact you regarding the submission of an article.

2 Responses to “Transsexual People in Germany”

  1. sarahblogging Says:

    The german content is the same as the translated english content. It was done by a professional and reviewed (and corrected) multible times befor it was released.

  2. Emily Says:

    This is very interesting. Having just moved from being treated under the French system to being treated under the German system, I am actually quite appalled at the difference. The French system has its problems, but I got quick, prompt and caring treatment. The German system is anything but caring and I dread to think how it is for a German national: I have the advantage of my official gender being determined by the British government, so am treated as a woman without the trans background by the parts of the government not involved in my treatment. That’s not the case for trans people with German nationalities.

    I’ll read through this and try to comment more, later. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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