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Other Names for Autogynephilia and Androphilia are not an Improvement

Way back when in 1999 I saw both androphilia and autogynephilia as being total BS.

Both are attempts to perversify the lives of transsexual to female people.  In a way they both suck worse than the “primary/secondary” description I used to use but abandoned for”early emerger/later emerger” in that those terms are based on when one comes out more than some pseudo sciency faith based attempt at perversifying young emergers as dick crazy queens and later emergers as fetishists.

I’ve listened to enough stories to grasp that there are two major factors at work:  Ability to pass and children.  The ability to pass easily as either ones birth assigned sex or as one’s core sex identity plays a big part.  So too does becoming a parent.

What is really some pretty oppressive bullshit is the attempts on the part of some to lord it over other using the perverse bullshit generated by the pseudo academics Zucker, Lawrence, Bailey, Blanchard and Green.

In fact it almost seems like the same group of people have been pushing this crap since about 1999.  I first encountered it when a cabal invaded Transtheory, a mailing list run by Stephen Whittle.

The first sock puppet, someone calling herself Sarah Cohen wrote glowingly about Janice Raymond, an anti-choice former Catholic nun turned anti-transsexual, anti sex missionary.

She was followed by Stephanie Velasquez and other sock puppets including Lawrence, herself, all pushing this crap about autogynephilia and androphilia.

(There will be more discussion regarding BBZLG forthcoming)

Some people embraced autogynephilia for reasons known only to them.  Like much bullshit it is possible to see the grain of truth and overlook the mountain of baggage that these carry with them.

One of the things about keeping track of history is that when someone claims something that is anachronistic in the extreme about themselves then it sets off alarm bells.  That was the error that caused me to see through them.

The cabal took my use of transkid (on transtheory dating back to my advocating for the throwaway kids) and turned it into a website that garnered a number of followers while indoctrinating them into the idea of AGP/AP.

Now the kicker is that both poles of that one suck.  the folks who come out young may like men but they generally are not the sex crazed gay men getting surgery in order to deceive straight men that is a the core of BBZLG’s androphilia paradigm.  Any more than the fantasizing and transference that sells fashion magazines deserved to be perversified in people who try not to transition by sublimating their inner needs rather than acting on them.

Trying to stick new names on either of these perverse labels and then sell us on using them is like trying to reposition the moron from Wasila as some sort of intelligent pollitical commentator.  You are forced to examine the motivation and question the sincerity of those pushing this crap.

Now I view “classic transsexual” as just another wrinkle on the AP/AGP dichotomy.  Classic implies old yet Lili Elbe and Roberta Cowell, subjects of two of the oldest actual biographies of WBTs that are available were both married to women.  I somehow doubt that marriage to a woman is an element of what those pushing the term “classic transsexual” mean.  Perhaps like Cowell and Jorgensen they mean, served in the military.  But somehow I doubt that one too.

If they mean those who come out young and like guys then they had better figure out how to say that without taking on the baggage of dick crazy homosexual seeks vagina in order to have sex with straight men.

Mostly though I just leave it as:  Real transsexuals actually get sex reassignment surgery and live as members of the sex to which they have been reassigned no mater how butch or femme they may be and no matter what their sexuality.

Vatican Pans ‘Avatar’

One of the really cool things about getting the New York times besides actually reading a real news paper that still at least pretends to present news reported by actual journalists is that you come across tidbits like this.  As Caroline said, “You could not make this stuff up.”

From Thursdays NYT Arts and Entertainment section

Arts Briefly:

Compiled by DAVE ITZKOFF

Among the things the Vatican approves of: piety, penitence, “The Simpsons.” Among the things it does not endorse: sinfulness and “Avatar.” Both the Vatican newspaper and radio station have criticized that James Cameron film, calling it emotionally unengaging and saying that it tries to replace divinity with nature, The Associated Press reported. The newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, wrote that “Avatar,” which stars Sam Worthington, right, “gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature,” according to The A.P. Vatican Radio said the movie “cleverly winks at all those pseudo-doctrines that turn ecology into the religion of the millennium,” adding, “Nature is no longer a creation to defend, but a divinity to worship.” L’Osservatore wrote that for all of the “stupefying, enchanting technology” in the movie, it offers “few genuine emotions.” But both outlets agreed, as L’Osservatore wrote, that the true accomplishment of “Avatar” was its “extraordinary visual impact.” The film is to be released in Italy on Friday.